Automated Email Marketing

Boost your business and accelerate your lead-to-prospect conversion with Automated Email Marketing.

Increase your clients' sales ticket and decrease your abandoned cart rate by reconnecting and providing value and information to your users through personalized email automation.

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Fast conversion from leads to prospects Increase the average sales ticket per customer Build a better reputation and image

    Why do you need to use automated emails?
    Incomplete email deliveriesServer rejection or blockingLow email open ratesIncomplete storage of user informationUnachieved resultsHigh cost in my email marketing serviceLack of knowledge to measure results

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    Why Use Automated Emails?

    Despite the constant evolution of platforms and media, emails remain one of the most cost-effective options as a sales and distribution channel, surpassing social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Currently, according to studies, more than 60% of consumers choose to subscribe and receive promotions via emails, making this medium one of the strongest marketing strategies.

    Discover how this powerful automated tool will help you multiply traffic and sales generation:


    Of consumers choose to subscribe and receive promotions via email.


    Times more likely automated emails convert compared to traditional emails due to the relevance of the content, immediacy, and of course, the fact that it is expected by the customer.


    More economical than a traditional email and 70% more cost-effective than advertising on social networks compared to the conversion rate.

    8 Reasons to Use the Conversion Process with Email Marketing

    Quick conversion from leads to prospects.
    In the consideration stage of your users, you can provide them with valuable and interesting content about your products/services through automated emails, nurturing each lead with the exclusive information they have requested, helping them progress to the next stages and achieve sales more quickly.
    Build a better reputation and brand image with users.
    Automating your emails will allow you to establish the personalized and direct communication you desire with your users, receiving exclusive welcome and gratitude emails. This way, you will stay in the minds of your potential customers and build the reputation you seek for your brand, professionally transforming your image.
    Automatic tracking of customer status.
    Email triggers will be set up to be sent for each specific action the user takes, sending welcome emails for subscription or thank you emails for the first purchase. This way, you can keep track of your customers, knowing at all times what stage of the purchase they are in.
    Obtain feedback from customers.
    Generate surveys for your users and send them instantly via email to gather feedback and satisfaction from your customers. Through the insights provided by your audience, you'll learn how to improve and personalize the communication established with each member more effectively.
    Increase the average sales ticket per customer.
    Send personalized emails to each customer with suggestions for complementary and promotional products to increase the amount of each ticket. Additionally, you can learn about the interests and opinions of your users by tracking their purchases and reaching out to those inactive customers to recover them.
    Increase customer loyalty and retention.
    If you're looking to maintain a stable and trusting relationship with your customers after the sale, you can find the solution by using automatic sending of emails with unique content and rewards for your most loyal customers. You can send emails with rewards, discounts, promotions, and more.
    Reduce the abandoned cart rate.
    In the decision stage of your customers, you can implement and send automated emails with promotions or product suggestions to those customers who are inactive and have abandoned their shopping carts, achieving reaching out to them, capturing their interest, and recovering them.

    Automatic abandoned cart notifications will be sent to each user in this state, providing the valuable content they need to complete their purchase.
    Keep the user informed about the status of their product.
    If you have an ecommerce, your users will have full knowledge of the current status of their purchase, receiving instant email notifications when the order has been received, the product is shipped, or payment is processed.

    What do we offer you?

    Ensuring results and profits in your strategy is a big challenge, but average email marketing automation boasts an astonishing return on investment of $USD 15 for every dollar spent on lists larger than 1,000,000 contacts.

    Additionally, our service offers unique possibilities in the industry that generate +20 incredible benefits that will help tremendously grow your business.


    Achieve direct, measurable, and reliable results.


    Incorporate Email Marketing automations into your marketing strategy.


    Take unique actions with our cutting-edge technology.
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    Development Process

    You are just 3 steps away from automating your emails and enjoying the benefits that will multiply your sales:

    1. Gather Information
    We will define the actions taken by the user and gather the necessary information to send the emails.

    2. Planning and Personalization
    We will develop all the information that will be displayed in the emails and how it will be presented.

    3. Automate the Process with Emails
    With the emails created and the users selected, we will automate the emails to start working with them.

    Are you concerned about the proper functioning of email platforms? What if you create a bad impression?

    Don't be afraid to move forward, here's why:

    #1 Not all of your audience receives your emails

    Our emails meet all the requirements and are approved by most spam filters so that your emails reach the recipient securely. Additionally, you will be trained through guides to understand how to generate content and avoid falling into spam, respecting the required standards.

    #2 That servers reject your emails or get blocked

    Monthly, we'll analyze your email bounce types:
    -Soft: temporary bounce, we'll retry for 3 days.
    -Hard: permanent issue, user removed from list.

    #3. That customers do not open their emails.

    Boring titles and valueless information are sufficient reasons to not open or ignore emails. That's why we research and segment your audience, making it easier to create personalized and engaging content for your potential customers. You'll achieve amazing results!

    #4. That the information of their users is not stored.

    Crawpic configures and fully integrates your website with your marketing platform, enabling you to store collected information and take actions across the entire page.

    #5. Not obtaining the expected results.

    Your email marketing platform integrates with your website or online store, allowing you to add CTAs to your emails to direct potential customers to purchase. You can also send promotions, discounts, limited offers, abandoned cart notifications, and product recommendations to ensure goal achievement.

    #6. That their information and that of their users are at risk in terms of security.

    Your security comes first! Your data is encrypted using the TLS cryptographic protocol, and your account password is backed by a hash cryptographic function. Additionally, your account undergoes constant monitoring and protection, responding to irregular logins or activity, safeguarding it from attacks.

    #7. That it be costly.

    Our various service plans are offered according to the needs, goals, and budget of each company. We evaluate the growth and size of your audience, providing exclusive guidance so you can choose the service plan that best fits your interests and goals.

    #8. Not knowing how to measure the results of their strategy.

    Every month, you'll receive specific reports and data detailing the actions, results, and issues of your automated email marketing. This gives you the opportunity to observe and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy so that it can be corrected and optimized.

    #9. Not knowing how to segment their audience and personalize their emails.

    Your audience data is automatically collected and used to manage contacts based on user actions. This makes customizing emails easy, delivering the right message tailored to your audience's interests.

    #10. How to integrate their contacts to build their audience.

    You'll receive exclusive assistance and guidance to help you connect with your contacts and build your audience. Additionally, you'll be instructed on integrating your users' social profiles into your database.

    #11. That their users enter an incorrect email.

    It's a common mistake for your users to enter an incorrect email address, but our system detects these irregularities for instant resolution. Any erroneous email address is automatically removed.

    What happens if my contacts are concerned about their inbox?

    We demonstrate to them that there's no reason for that to happen.

    #1. Not receiving the valuable and interesting content they were looking for, thus wasting time.

    Emails received by users are personalized based on their actions and preferences, ensuring they receive relevant content. You also have exclusive guidance available to create engaging emails for your audience.

    #2. Constantly receiving a large number of emails with unnecessary and useless information.

    Audience information is collected, and emails are scheduled to be sent with the appropriate content at the right time, ensuring valuable and interesting content is received when needed. No excessive emails are sent!

    #3. Attached links not directing to any page or leading to different content than what was received in the email.

    Our team verifies each attached link in the created email, ensuring they lead to the appropriate content and are not misdirected or broken.

    #4. Never receiving their emails.

    Our servers are approved by most major spam filters from leading email service providers, meeting the standards and requirements requested by spam filters, ensuring that your email reaches its recipient.

    Discover the Features and Functions of your automated email marketing service.

    Scheduling and Support

    Scheduling and complete configuration of your emails.
    Emails are designed from scratch, and their automatic sending is scheduled according to each client's preferences.
    Email support
    Exclusive email assistance and advice; our team is ready to address your issues instantly.
    WhatsApp support
    Exclusive assistance and advice via WhatsApp, where our specialists will address your issues and doubts.

    Automated marketing and re-marketing

    Email personalization based on user actions and preferences
    The content of your emails is personalized according to the common actions of your users. User data is stored and reused to segment your audience, categorizing and managing your contacts.
    Automated reminders for abandoned shopping carts
    Automated notifications sent to inactive users who have abandoned their shopping carts, receiving product suggestions tailored to their interests.
    Order notifications2
    When an order is received, a notification will be automatically sent to the user, informing them of the corresponding status to proceed with their purchase.
    Automated thank-you emails
    Thank your users for their first purchases through personalized emails, sending gratitude messages with additional content.
    Purchase tracking
    Keep your customers informed about the status and progress of their products through automated emails with notifications of payments made, product shipments, received orders, and more.
    Automated welcome emails for new users
    Program and design welcome emails that are automatically triggered once a user subscribes or completes a form. Send valuable information or promotions along with the welcome message.
    Automated product recommendation emails
    Recommend complementary products to your customers or potential customers through automated emails, basing your suggestions on the visits and actions your audience takes.
    Automated events based on events and dates
    Send emails based on significant dates or events such as a customer's birthday, Christmas, or New Year. Accompany your message with interesting content and limited-time offers.
    Automated re-engagement emails
    Send re-engagement emails to redirect your users through links to revisit the products they viewed on your page.
    Automated loyalty rewards emails
    Deliver automated emails with genuine rewards for your most loyal customers, sending messages with promotions, discounts, or exclusive offers.

    Automated marketing and re-marketing

    Security and data privacy

    Regulation and compliance with the GDPR privacy law.
    Our service complies with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation, which ensures privacy in the processing of personal information of its users and its free circulation.
    Certificación PCI DSS compaPCI DSS Certification Compatible with SOC IItible con SOC II
    This certification validates the security standard that defines the set of requirements responsible for managing security, defining security policies and procedures, designing network architecture, designing software, and all kinds of protective measures involved in the handling, processing, or storing of credit card information.
    Platform and account security.
    The passwords of your accounts are encrypted and secured with the cryptographic hash function, ensuring the security of your passwords through complex mathematical algorithms.
    TLS Encryption
    La encriptación TLS (Transport Layer Security) es un sistema de cifrado que permite establecer una comunicación segura para el transporte de datos y mensajes a través de redes peligrosas. Es un capa de seguridad muy utilizada en el envío de correos electróTLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption is a cryptographic protocol that enables secure communication for the transmission of data and messages over potentially hazardous networks. It is a widely used security layer in email transmission.nicos.
    Protection and monitoring of your account against attacks.
    User accounts are monitored 24/7 to prevent and defend against any irregular activity or login attempt that poses a threat, taking immediate action accordingly.
    Consolidation of your contact data in one place.
    Sus contactos se almacenan y se integran automáticamente a la plataforma de email marketing automatizado, guardando toda la información relevanYour contacts are stored and automatically integrated into the automated email marketing platform, preserving all relevant information about your users.te de sus usuarios.
    Results report
    Each month, you will receive information and insights regarding the automations implemented and their outcomes.
    Sales tracking reports and audience growth reports.
    You will be provided with monthly reports detailing the ongoing growth of your audience and the number of leads, along with your monthly sales and profits.

    Information and feedback

    Training and advisory services

    Customized recommendations and advice
    Our team is responsible for providing you with personalized advice to address your specific issues and answer all your inquiries, recommending the best course of action for your strategy.
    Professional marketing advice
    You will receive articles and information containing the best marketing strategies and advice currently employed, allowing you to analyze important research and opinions from professionals aimed at enhancing every aspect of your business.
    Guides and tutorials
    Guides and tutorials are provided on content writing, crafting original email subjects, file sending, form creation and sending, and more.


    Integrations of your contacts into the platform
    Your contacts can be directly integrated into the automated email marketing platform to create and personalize your audience, or you can also build your audience from scratch by storing the contact information provided by your new users through registration forms.
    Integration with over 300 applications
    Our platform connects and integrates seamlessly with Zapier, enabling connections with over 300 applications that will assist you and provide professional marketing tools to efficiently manage your strategy.
    Connection and integration with registration forms
    In addition to sending contact forms through your emails, you can also integrate registration forms into your website or platform, allowing you to conduct lead magnets. In this strategy, you will offer exclusive information, such as a PDF with a detailed summary of your products, in exchange for contact information through registration.


    Our Plans

    We present you with different options according to your needs. If you feel that you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.

    To Start

    $260/ for 6 months

    + $0.0034496 per sent email

    5 Customized Emails
    10 Workflows
    Purchase Tracking
    Satisfaction Tracking
    Post-Purchase Discount
    Dynamic Promotions
    Birthdays and Important Dates
    Recover Inactive Customers
    Web Integration with Email Platform
    Monthly Report
    Most Popular

    $455/ for 6 months

    + $0.0034496 per sent email

    10 Customized Emails
    15 Workflows
    Purchase Tracking
    Satisfaction Tracking
    Post-Purchase Discount
    Dynamic Promotions
    Birthdays and Important Dates
    Recover Inactive Customers
    Web Integration with Email Platform
    Monthly Report
    The Most Demanding Plan

    $525/ for 6 months

    + $0.0034496 per sent email

    15 Customized Emails
    30 Workflows
    Purchase Tracking
    Satisfaction Tracking
    Post-Purchase Discount
    Dynamic Promotions
    Birthdays and Important Dates
    Recover Inactive Customers
    Web Integration with Email Platform
    Monthly Report

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below regarding our Automated Emails.

    Can attachments be sent?

    Of course! Unlike other Automated Email services, you can attach files for your users without them ending up in the spam folder.

    What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers, Stripe, and PayPal as payment methods.

    Can I change or pause my service payment plan?

    Of course! You just need to send us an email indicating the action you wish to take regarding your service plan, and we'll take care of it, whether you want to change your plan or pause it.

    Do I need to program or configure anything on my own?

    We take care of providing you with the programming service and optimal configuration so that you can enjoy the personalized automation of your emails without any issues. We also keep your automation updated.

    Can emails be sent through any email platform?

    All your emails will be sent through our trusted provider, one of the top software companies according to G2 Crowd. Your emails will be delivered seamlessly, regardless of whether the recipient has an account on Yahoo!, Gmail, Outlook, or another provider.

    What happens if I reach the limit of contacts or emails sent allowed by my plan?

    In this situation, an automatic upgrade of your service plan can be performed if you wish, or alternatively, we will notify you manually so you can make your decision.

    How long does it take for emails to be delivered?

    The delivery time for emails depends on the specified scheduling. They can be sent instantly if you need to track your user, or they can be delayed by 1 or 2 days.

    How do I know if my email went to spam?

    You will receive monthly reports with all the information you need about the results of your emails, such as open rate reports, the quantity of emails sent and received, among others.

    Will my email look good on mobile devices?

    Of course! The components of your emails are designed based on responsive web design, meaning your users will be able to view your emails without errors, adapting them to any device.

    How many automations do you perform?

    There are plans that allow for 5, 10, or more than 20 automations, depending on the automation requirements. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs.

    What platform do you perform automations on?

    Our automations can be performed on your website, e-commerce platform, Lead Magnet, blogs, internal emails, and much more. If there's any platform not listed here that you'd like to inquire about, feel free to reach out to us to resolve your query.

    What automations do you have available for my e-commerce?

    Within your e-commerce platform, there is a wide variety of automations available, such as: automatically sending an email to the user who abandoned their cart in the store; automated emails for product purchases (purchase tracking); automated emails to users who visited but didn't purchase anything in the store; automated emails to reward top customers; automated emails for inactive customer recovery; order notifications and alerts.

    What automations do you have available for a regular website?

    For your website, you can set up automations such as: Automatic emails for newsletter subscriptions; automations for important dates like a user's birthday; e-book requests; event invitations; promotion automation and product recommendations; among others.