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Save up to 80% of investment costs by captivating and retaining users on your website or e-commerce with the generation of digital Lead Magnets.

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Convert website visitors into leads Increase the company's database Stay top of mind with customers Provide exclusive content

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    Convert visitors into leadsStay top of mind with customersGenerate leads using technologyBuild customer loyalty after purchase or conversionIncrease the company's databaseIncrease your company's conversion rateStay in touch with users who download the contentAddress real problems of potential customers

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    Why do I need to send valuable lead magnets to visitors of my website?

    At present, it is demonstrated that the average conversion rate of online stores worldwide is almost 2.5%. Thus, the majority of visitors to your website abandon it without achieving the expected conversion. A successful lead magnet is designed to ensure that the information obtained in exchange for the extra value helps reverse this situation.

    Users who trust in what your company has to offer are already one step closer to becoming future customers. Lead magnet strategies will only accelerate this process, and you will now discover how they can achieve it:


    higher conversion rate versus traditional blog post content


    of users are more likely to proceed to the next stage of the sales process after receiving high-quality free content


    of companies are implementing Lead Magnets. This is an opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors

    8 Reasons to Use Lead Magnets

    Convert website visitors into leads
    This is the main objective of our service. Our lead magnets have the ability to, with the contact data obtained from your visitors, ensure a conversion based on the sending of unique and exclusive valuable content.
    Stay on the minds of potential customers by providing exclusive content
    The content of the lead magnets we will create will be exclusive to customers who complete their information in exchange. Therefore, all the information therein will be specifically designed for this purpose and will not be accessible to just anyone browsing your website.
    Generate potential customers using technology
    We are in the technological age, and one of the easiest ways to convert internet users is undoubtedly through what your valuable digital content can provide. Nowadays, you cannot miss the opportunities that online platforms have to offer.
    Fidelizing customers after a purchase or conversion
    Although the name implies otherwise, lead magnets can also be useful for retaining customers who have already made a purchase in your store, for example. In this way, you can send valuable content on how to use the product, what things can be done with it, or also offer similar products or services for them to keep buying, as well as discounts or benefits.
    Increase the company's database
    Through the lead magnets download option, your database will increase with subscriber emails and potential quality customers whom you can captivate if you deliver something valuable in exchange. This exchange is an investment in your conversion rate.
    Increase your company's conversion rate
    Sending a lead magnet often increases the conversion rate of companies because it provides content that the user would not otherwise obtain. The direct links to your products or services will be the conversion foundation so that your customer, having enjoyed your added value, has no doubt that your company is the chosen one.
    Opportunity to stay in touch with users who download the content
    One of the benefits of loading users' email into our database is being able to stay in touch for the future. Through the sent lead magnet, you can captivate the reader so that they also want to receive your newsletters. Without being invasive and entering spam, you can also contact them in the future to attract them back to your website.
    Solving real problems for potential customers
    The sending of lead magnets is planned based on what you believe the customer may need to address concerns or problems they cannot solve on their own. If you send guides for using a product or service, checklists, or explanatory videos based on what they need to solve, you will be providing much more than valuable content.

    What Do We Offer?

    Attracting new customers and then retaining them is a great challenge for any company looking to position itself in the market. With this goal in mind, we offer the endless strategies that can be applied to captivate users on your website and quickly convert them into leads.


    Get direct, measurable, and reliable results.
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    Incorporate Lead Magnets into your marketing strategy.


    Take unique actions with our cutting-edge technology.
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    Process of development

    The 3 steps to generate a successful lead magnet are:

    1- Search for information on what added value can attract the customer

    2- Planning, design, and development of the lead magnet

    3- Delivery of the finished file with its characteristics to create the ad and send by email

    Are you worried that generating lead magnets might be a waste of time and money?

    We will refute that theory in just a few seconds.

    #1 If lead magnet creation is too costly

    The investment in lead magnets is minimal compared to the profits they provide. A well-utilized lead magnet will close sales and yield conversions of all kinds if the added value is genuine. Additionally, the amortization of digital content is incomparable to physical products that can quickly be wasted for demonstrations.

    #2 If time is wasted recording or creating content

    The recording of webinars and videos takes only a few hours, and then we take care of editing and post-production. Missing the opportunity to provide video content is a big mistake for any company, as it's proven that video playback is one of the determining factors in conversion decisions.

    #3 If they don't help increase conversions

    Statistically, the use of lead magnets has helped increase conversions by over 67%. Offering this content is a differentiating factor from the competition; having at least one lead magnet model for a product or service is already another opportunity to attract customers.

    #4 If the content ends up not being relevant to users

    At the beginning of our value-added research, we'll make sure to find out what your website visitors are expecting so we can offer them more of that content. Our lead magnet strategies are based on the needs of your future consumers, not on the general market.

    #5 If the content ends up in the spam folder and user trust is lost

    Many times, business emails go straight to the spam folder of email platforms because they don't recognize the email domain and classify it incorrectly. There are various tools that can prevent this, but there's also the option to specifically instruct the user to check their spam folder within the same email announcement.

    Could the customer reject all my emails?

    We'll make sure they don't for these reasons:

    #1 Fear of receiving too much spam

    The lead magnet files will only be sent once after completing their data, and it will be up to the user whether they want to receive more content in the form of newsletters or if, conversely, they do not want to subscribe. However, no further emails will be sent unless they opt in.

    #2 Fear that the actual file does not deliver what was promised in the ad

    The lead magnet ads displayed on your website must accurately reflect the content of the email that users will receive in their inbox. Therefore, we will detail all the characteristics of each file so that you know exactly what needs to be advertised and avoid disappointing your future leads.

    #3 Fear of not being able to view the file on their device

    Within the lead magnet report and optimization, we will ensure that all download links work and that the content is viewable on any device to ensure this isn't an impediment to accessing the content. We want the user experience to be seamless and memorable for your company.

    Explore the functions and features of our Lead Magnet creation service.


    We will conduct the necessary research on what your potential customers need to become leads, what they are looking for, what they view, and what they download on other sites to know what your website can offer in exchange for their information.

    This research will also take into account what format the file should be in, the appropriate length according to the type of user and their interests, and whether text or video would be more effective, among other considerations.
    We will deliver the finished files so you can email them to your contacts. They will be in the format that was selected, whether it be video or PDF, among others.

    Additionally, each file will include attached features so you can properly announce it on your website or store, and users know what they are requesting.
    With the information gathered, we will commence the development of the materials. All PDFs will have an attractive design and will be professional to make a good impression on users who download them.

    If a webinar is chosen, we will agree on the stages to carry it out together just once, and then we will take care of editing it. For other types of information (success stories, checklists, etc.), we will write and edit them for the creation of the PDF; the same goes for videos and recordings that do not require the company's involvement.
    Reporting and Optimization
    We will ensure that the download links are working correctly, that the files can be viewed on any browser and device, and that there are no execution errors.

    If anything happens, it will be optimized immediately.

    PDF Lead Magnet

    Checklists and Variable Lists
    This material is one of the most used, as it contains all the information that the user might need in a single list. You can offer lists of "how to...", a listing of "the best tips for...", "the best blogs...", and any offer you can think of. It is one of the most dynamic.

    Another list option are the resource lists. These save a lot of time if you gather the best information, as your users won't have to waste time researching on their own.
    Sales Material/Printables
    A print with an eye-catching design is very useful for your users if they need materials to display in their businesses or use daily at home. The print quality of these files is higher, since it must look good when transferred to paper.

    They can contain spaces for writing once printed, like a task distribution, but in a more attractive design.
    Cheat Sheets
    This resource is similar to the checklist, but it focuses on giving the user a list of guidelines or a process that they can follow over and over again to achieve a specific benefit. These are highly anticipated by users because they eliminate the need to figure out how to do things on their own.
    Many people need to visualize a concept before they can fully understand it. This material serves to provide users with an explanatory illustration instead of texts that they may not finish reading. We take care of the design and writing of the information.
    Within the guides, you can find educational material, such as tutorials and recipes, as well as "how to" guides or ones that help to use certain applications or programs.

    Also, guides with final examples of a project can be offered so users know which direction to follow at a crossroads.

    To make the best use of this resource, you can mainly use it to teach your future customer how to use your service or product and what benefits it has.
    Reports or Analyses
    This material is very useful for B2B companies and for any industry that relies on data, statistics, or research. We will take care of researching and compiling data from various sources into a single comprehensive report to reveal an especially complete report.

    Also, you can add mind maps to your list of lead magnets to explain broad and complex concepts in a more enjoyable way.
    E-books can truly contain textbooks, novels, or informational material, as well as inspirational quotes, recipes, and any other option you can think of. They can also be used as guides in a more extensive and designed format.

    PDF Lead Magnet

    Multimedia Lead Magnet

    Automated Webinars
    Automated webinars work very well as lead magnets since they are seminars that can be viewed anywhere in the world and at any time, and the audience does not need to connect live to be able to witness it. This is a great added value, as it is customized from your company and contains exclusive information about it.

    This service is carried out together. Our team will take care of the post-editing and make it available for any device.
    Training/Informative Videos
    Video training not only includes a visual component but also a sound component. Furthermore, it can feature real people on camera to boost connection with the user. Statistically, videos are perceived as more valuable by the audience.
    Downloadable Audios
    This resource is especially useful for clients who don't have time to read or watch videos. It's convenient for listening on any device with audio or during a commute. Typically, a previously recorded video can be repurposed without the image to save the audio, or send audiobooks, which are also highly downloaded by users.
    Event Recordings
    This is a good lead magnet if your service or product was demonstrated or used in a public and free event. You can send the excerpt from a demonstration, on-site product launches that were recorded or some part that serves to, in addition to adding value, entertain your potential customers.

    Also, instead of recordings, you can send free tickets for an event that takes place live so they don't miss it, taking into account some time zones and the language in which the event will be held.
    Tests and Interviews
    Within this material fall success stories, interviews with market leaders in the field your company operates in, or tests for completion in various formats (available for Gmail, Google Forms, online, printable, and much more).

    The interviews can be in video format or a written excerpt can be sent, but it will be more appealing if dynamic platforms are used.
    Courses, conferences, and talks
    These free videos are highly anticipated by your future customers, as they are receiving great added value for a fairly low price (registering their details on your page). Providing this content ensures some emails without any doubt.

    We take care of selecting the videos, cutting and editing them if necessary before sending them.
    If your company sells digital products or similar, you can always send a small sample of what you are selling so your audience can learn more about your offering or even send a catalogue.

    For example, samples of a few seconds of a video or an audio, you can send an excerpt from an e-book or an audiobook to generate curiosity and have them come back to buy it if they wish, or excerpts of a piece designed by your company if what you offer is creative design.

    Also, if you give classes and want to attract more clients, you can send a trial class in video or some excerpt so they can see how it is managed later in person.
    Creating a SlideShare presentation is also a powerful lead magnet, as the platform itself has a lead generator that quickly converts your audience into email subscribers.

    Utilizable Lead Magnet

    Downloadable Templates
    A downloadable template allows the user to simply fill in, copy, and paste into their blog, website, or email body. It can provide an outline or some kind of starting point so that all the user has to do is fill in the blanks and send.

    A lead magnet can contain one or several in the same email, depending on what each one provides.
    Scripts are useful for helping your potential clients to speak or write in front of a specific situation. They are designed for use in moments when they draw a blank and don't know how to continue the conversation with their own client.
    Calendars can also be extremely useful in a variety of industries. They can be editorial calendars so that they know how to boost their blogs, exercise calendars if it's a gym or educational institution, or food calendars to follow a diet if it's a nutrition company. There are a thousand variations to use, and they can be daily, monthly, or yearly.
    Swipe Files
    Swipe files are even better than templates for users, because all they have to do is copy them in their entirety and paste them wherever they want.
    Toolkit Lead Magnets
    Teaching your future clients about the tools professionals use can attract them if you do it in a checklist format, but providing them with those tools for download is a sure win.
    Web Applications
    They are free applications that can be used within your site and require a login to access. With the registration, you obtain the permission to send emails in the future.
    Worksheets help your potential customer to structure work they can't finish so they can carry it out faster and more efficiently.

    On the other hand, spreadsheets serve to take a load off your clients when making expense notes, for example, or managing the accounting of their business or household.

    Utilizable Lead Magnet

    Lead Magnet with Extra Benefits

    Surveys can be used for the company's own benefit to conduct market research, while offering dynamic content to the prospective customer so that they can decide what they are expecting from you.
    Free Trials/Free Consultations
    Free trials also serve to bring potential consumers closer to the product or service you have to offer, and are easy to implement if you operate an online marketplace.

    Additionally, free consultations or estimates also serve to directly engage your audience with your products or services if you are in any type of consulting field (law, psychology, coaching, and more). This way, you can also gather more user data for the future.
    Discounts, Coupons, and Giveaways
    Sending discounts, benefits, and entries into sweepstakes as a lead magnet can greatly enhance your future conversions, as having an advantage beforehand in purchasing a product or service is an added value that perhaps other companies do not offer, while also making your offering known to your target audience.

    Sweepstakes must feature relevant prizes, such as a free month with your online service or membership, a complete e-book if that's what you sell, or anything else you think might be worth your potential customer's effort to participate in and, if it's truly valuable, also share with more people.
    Facebook Groups/Memberships/Private Forums
    Offering your potential customers the chance to be part of a community that specifically focuses on what they are looking for is a great added value. It shows that you understand their fears and needs, and that you're there to provide a support network in addition to just selling your service.

    Our Plans

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    • Advanced Plan

      $799/ one-time payment

      or 3 payments of $275

      Strategy + Planning
      1 Campaign
      1 Creative Landing Page
      1 Downloadable Creativity
      Google Analytics Setup
      Pro Plan

      $1,399/ one-time payment

      or 3 payments of $475

      Strategy + Planning
      2 Campaigns
      2 Creative Landing Pages
      2 Downloadable Creativities
      Google Analytics Setup
      Elite Plan

      $1,899/ one-time payment

      or 3 payments of $649

      Strategy + Planning
      3 Campaigns
      3 Creative Landing Pages
      3 Downloadable Creativities
      Google Analytics Setup
    • Advanced Plan

      $199/ monthly

      For businesses

      Strategy + Planning
      Campaign Optimization
      Landing Page Optimization
      Creativity Optimization
      Monthly Report
      Pro Plan

      $249/ monthly

      For businesses

      Strategy + Planning
      Campaign Optimization
      Landing Page Optimization
      Creativity Optimization
      Monthly Report
      Elite Plan

      $299/ monthly

      For businesses

      Strategy + Planning
      Campaign Optimization
      Landing Page Optimization
      Creativity Optimization
      Monthly Report

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? Take a look below at our FAQ about Lead Magnets.

    What is the difference between a lead magnet and a newsletter list?

    A newsletter also works to generate new leads and future customers, as your company will obtain emails in exchange for a future email service. However, those who subscribe to your email newsletter will receive it more frequently. A lead magnet like the ones we previously mentioned is usually sent only once.

    Do you send the email with the lead magnet?

    No, we devise and implement the lead magnet proposal, but the email is sent by the company.

    Do you handle the design and writing of all the lead magnets?

    Except for very specific content that your company has previously written and wants to deliver that material, yes, we take care of all the designs and writing, as well as the editing of videos and audios if applicable.

    Is the material original or do you send files that you find online?

    In almost all cases, it will be original content. It may differ if e-books, interview videos uploaded to the internet, or content that is already created but considered a great added value that not all customers could obtain by themselves are sent.

    Can lead magnets be viewed on any device?

    Yes, all formats can be viewed on mobile phones, desktop devices, or tablets.

    Can a lead magnet not listed here be created?

    Of course! This is a guide list of the lead magnets we create, but the possibilities are endless, and we are always willing to try a new idea that is proposed to us.

    Can the lead magnet download landing page bring viruses to the user's device?

    No, we have all the anti-virus tools to ensure that the landing page or the form to fill out are completely secure.