Customer Experience

Captivate and retain your customers by providing successful experiences with your brand.

When the benefits of your products and your marketing strategy aren't enough to achieve the sales you're aiming for, what your company needs is to sell a great experience.

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Customer-Centric Experiences Achieving the expected loyalty of your customers Identify what the shortcomings of your business are.

    What is the current problem you are trying to solve with this service?

    Have you tried to solve this problem in the past? If so, why didn’t that solution work?

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    Why do you think your customers choose your products/services over those of your competitors?

    What plan would you assign to this service if it is successful?

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    Why do I need to enhance Customer Experience (CX) in my business?

    It's estimated that 75% of the population, including even the most loyal customers, share with their family and friends when they've had a bad experience, but only 42% do so when the experience is very good.

    The use of CX is the preferred strategy to captivate the customer and ensure they choose it again for their entire shopping journey, not just the end product.

    What does your company sell?

    McDonald's doesn't just sell food; it sells speed. Disney doesn't sell movies; it sells fun and happiness. Mercado Libre or Netflix don't sell products; they provide the convenience of consuming without leaving the couch.

    Appealing to emotions is even more important than the best product quality. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your services much further.


    They tell their family and friends when they've had a bad experience.periencia


    They only do so when the experience is very good.


    of loyal customers are generated through a good experience with the company.

    10 Reasons to Create Customer Experience in Your Company

    That the user has a unique experience and returns in the future
    Providing the user with an excellent experience throughout the lifecycle within your business is the easiest and most natural method to foster customer loyalty. Satisfied with what they experienced once, they will want to return again when they need a product or service from your company.
    Creating a good user experience without a large investment
    Investing in the implementation of a better CX guarantees the expected end result for the company, surprising for the customer. Investing in this strategy will ensure that all users interacting with your brand have a great experience, leading to not only recognition but also a faster ROI than before.
    Understanding the needs of your customers to establish an empathetic connection and be memorable to them
    Understanding your audience is the first step to a successful CX optimization. Knowing what your target wants when making a purchase, how they do it, and what they are looking for. All these variables will help us identify what they expect from your company and how to provide the surprising content that will captivate them definitively.
    Achieving the loyalty of your current customers
    A good experience will stay in the minds of current consumers when it comes to choosing a company again in the future. Supplementing the product benefits with excellent CX service ensures a loyal customer.
    Encouraging consumers to choose your brand over the competition for repeat business
    Providing a great experience is the key to capturing the hearts and minds of consumers. If you give them something to hold onto for the future, your brand will be the first choice in their minds when they decide to make a purchase again, leaving the competition powerless over your company's customers.
    That the user recommends your site to other people based on their experience
    The list of clients through referrals will increase at the moment when your current client feels satisfied with what they were able to experience during their conversion process and in the after-sales service. The smallest detail can generate a significant impact on the customer's memory if used correctly.
    Identifying what is failing with your business in relation to customers and determining areas for improvement
    To begin working on your experience, first, you need to identify what is not being fulfilled or offered correctly that causes the customer to abandon the purchase or not return after the first one. Our CX strategy will systematically study your current approach to understand what is failing in your communication with the customer and how to address it to provide a better experience.
    Ensuring that the customer feels satisfied and happy with the product or service received, meeting their expectations
    The experience you provide must align with the product you are selling. If a customer makes a purchase motivated by the journey you provide, they expect the product to meet their expectations; that's the interrelationship we aim to achieve with our optimization.
    Increasing positive perceptions of the brand in any context
    Our CX strategy will be focused on providing extraordinary service in both physical locations, such as branches or events, and online, whether through an ecommerce platform, a social media platform, or an institutional website. We will ensure that the consumer's perception of the brand is positive when purchasing a product in a physical store, with all the associated features, as well as when interacting with an ecommerce platform, taking care of shipping quality and the availability of payment methods, among other things.
    Increasing the company's revenue
    It's time to start thinking about customer experiences as equally important as revenue figures. Satisfied customers who choose you again will come back to purchase. No matter the investment made in CX, it will always return multiplied thanks to the success of its development.

    What do we offer you?

    In today's world, most people no longer choose a product or service from a company based on the number of years it has been in the market, whether it's 2, 30, or 75. Even for the world's leading companies, customer experience is a crucial factor for their positioning.

    We believe that people deserve to feel happy in every action they take throughout the day, which is why we contribute to your business:


    Achieve direct, measurable, and reliable results.


    Use customer experience within your marketing strategy.


    Take Unique Actions with Our Cutting-Edge Technology

    Process of Creation and Implementation

    The 4 Phases to Ensure CX Success Are:

    1. Research
    We will collect data on customer profiles, their experiences, direct and indirect competition, the market, and all aspects of the company's current strategies to know which ones we need to enhance.

    2. Creation of Customer Journey, Blueprint, and Disney
    We will develop tools to help us understand and measure the current experiences of consumers in your business, from the start of the purchase journey to its completion, along with the after-sales stage. We will identify pain points, customers, and ideal journeys.

    3.1 Prototype Assembly
    We will design and develop a prototype that incorporates all the findings from our analysis of pain points and customer life cycles to create the best experience we deem appropriate for your business.

    3.2 Execution
    We will deploy the new "Wizard of Oz" prototype to measure how it performs in interactions with a sample of the target audience.

    3.3 Presentation of Results
    We will present the findings and determine if iterations are needed for enhancement. If so, we will make them until the product is finished and ready for large-scale implementation.

    4. Training and Digitalization
    Finally, we will provide training to the company's stakeholders so they know how to create new CX strategies in the future using our tools, and we will deliver all the information in digital form for storage and future use.

    Are you worried that your experiences may not be truly good? What if the service doesn't work to bring back customers?

    Below, we address our customers' concerns and provide answers for your peace of mind:

    #1 The experience doesn't truly align with what customers are looking for

    Our service is responsible for identifying and creating user profiles that we will later use for the optimization of the CX in your sales and communication channels. We aim to provide exclusively what your current and future customers are seeking and much more.

    #2 That the experience still doesn't manage to increase their results

    The experience we aim to provide will be focused on selling your products or services by understanding how your target audience typically makes purchases. Additionally, we strive for your customers to recommend and return in the future. Even if there is no immediate monetary conversion, recognition and referred customers will attract much more noticeable future conversions.

    #3 That their products don't live up to customer experiences

    Any modification to the business experience will be based on the products and services you offer. There will be no deceit in the new experiences, so there is no reason to believe that CX is better than the products or services you offer; instead, what you provide is an experience added to a product.

    #4 Not knowing how to proceed after the service is completed

    We provide advice and training to all stakeholders so they know how to conduct interviews and continue implementing the work developed independently.

    #5 It is too expensive

    All the new tools we will implement for the CX strategy will be crucial in attracting and retaining customers. If you take care of an investment in our service, we will ensure that customers are always there for you, and the ROI increases significantly.

    #6 That the company is not large enough for this service

    A satisfying experience can be the impetus for your company to grow and attract more customers than it already has. CX is beneficial at any stage of a business and should be provided regardless of the current product portfolio or client base.

    And what about my clients' fears?

    La experiencia que les brindará no será nada menos que perfecta.

    #1 That the empathy they emphasize is not real

    Their CX strategy will be genuine and in line with the company's values. It will reflect their eagerness to get to know the customer so they will return in the future, and that is what the user will receive after their journey with the company.

    #2 That the experience is better than what they have to offer

    If you ensure to provide a journey to the purchase and after-sales that is genuine and empathetic, there is no reason for your products to suggest otherwise. You will offer the best experience from both aspects.

    #3 That the new experiences are not satisfying

    Every experience we offer is aimed at improvement and optimization for the target consumers. The new design of your CX strategy will be designed for a more friendly relationship with the customer, without offering unwanted moments or deceit.

    Understand the Development Process in Detail

    Research process

    Duration: 36 hours.

    1. Project setup
    Establishment of the project's foundation, which pillars we will transform, and how we want to carry out the execution of our proposal.
    2. Secondary information
    We will seek all the necessary information about the market in which the company operates to begin working. We must have the most detailed data about the target and the competition so that no aspect remains unstudied.
    3. Explanation of the methodology to be used
    Everyone who works together with Crawpic will know what steps to follow in our service, what is expected of them in the future, and what is necessary to proceed with the work.
    4. User analytics
    We will analyze the potential and current customers of your company, identifying the most common reasons for complaints or the number of inquiries they make before actually making a purchase.
    5. Conducting in-depth interviews and surveys
    This stage includes preparing interviews (selection and preparation of samples, calls, and coordination) and subsequent execution. Approximately 20 interviews will be conducted with potential customers to find out what they expect when starting the conversion process with a company. Then, the interviews are digitized, and the insight discovery process begins.

    Customer Profile

    Duration: 15 hours.

    1. Persona Profile Construction
    With the data gathered during the research stage, we'll create a specific persona profile for the company's potential and current consumers. The information will be sociodemographic and will focus on their behaviors, such as hobbies, interests, employment, education, habits, among other variables.
    2. Empathy Map
    To generate the empathetic relationship we want with your clients, we will focus on finding out what they look at and listen to, what they think, what they feel, what they do, and what they say when considering a purchase to satisfy their real needs and exceed their expectations with unexpected value.

    Customer Profile

    Duration: 15 hours.

    Customer Journey

    Duration: 35 hours.

    1. Training stakeholders on customer journey
    We will use this tool to understand the purchasing process of your business's consumers from start to finish. Everyone involved in the project, whether business owners or employees, will know how to design customer life cycles so they can carry them out independently after our service has concluded.
    2. Analysis of the current process with the company's stakeholders
    We aim to accurately understand the company's current project regarding the experiences provided, the services, and communication channels to determine what to maintain and what to enhance.
    3. Digitizing the customer journey process with stakeholders
    The entire process of creating the customer journey will be digitized for later use and archiving.
    4. Identification of pain points
    Understanding the customer's pain points allows for the establishment of future solutions focused on previous experiences. From the creation of the customer journey, it will be possible to define actions on the interactions that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction.
    5. Training on NPS, execution, and analysis with stakeholders
    We will use this customer experience metric on typical processes to measure the real pain points of your customers, their intensity, and characteristics, thus being able to enhance the good experiences of the business by solving the most important concerns. It's important that stakeholders know how to use it after our service has concluded, so we will provide training and advice on the subject.


    Duration: 24 hours.

    1. Investigación con stak1. Research with stakeholderseholders
    Together, we will analyze the current internal processes of the company and identify those that are key to improvement with the new experience.
    2. Digitization of the blueprint
    Everything obtained from the blueprint will be digitized for later use and archiving.


    Duration: 24 hours.


    Duration: 20 hours.

    1. Preparation and execution
    We will take the pain points identified in the customer journey stage and create the ideal customer path based on the improvement ideas we found in the blueprint stage. We want to be able to envision what the main goal idea is when implementing the prototypes we will design.
    2. Digitization of the customer path construction
    The construction of the customer path will be digitized for later use and archiving.


    Duration: 36 hours.

    1. Construction and development of the “Wizard of Oz” prototype
    This prototype allows for the evaluation of design solutions that are difficult to implement after the actual service modifications have been launched. Users interact with a system operated by a hidden developer.
    2. Construcción de nps mejor2. Construction of an improved NPSado
    We will plan improved metrics for the NPS based on all the data and results obtained so far.
    3. Analysis and selection of the sample that we will test
    We will select some samples from all the variants created to put into practice with the target and understand how to proceed towards the final prototype.


    Duration: 36 hours.


    Duration: 54 hours.

    1. Prototype execution
    The selected prototype will be executed to see how it works with users.
    2. Analyze samples and execution results
    After the execution, we will analyze the results based on the samples that were put to work to determine which one had better outcomes.
    3. Analyze NPS
    With the improved NPS metrics, we will execute the system and collect information on the recommendations and detractors of the service.
    4. Training for stakeholders
    We will train your stakeholders in conducting interviews with new customers so that they can carry out the work independently.
    5. Close the loop
    Based on the data from detractors obtained in the NPS analysis, we will interview them to understand what did not work in their experience.
    6. Gaining insights from the discoveries of the close the loop process and improving the prototype for the next iteration
    Before testing a new prototype, we will improve the previous one based on the data obtained about the detractors and which features we should enhance.

    Presentation of Results

    1. MVP solution prototype (Minimum Viable Product)
    The final prototype we will provide will be finalized and tested, ready for implementation at scale.
    2. Process innovation implementation plan
    You will receive, along with the prototype, a detailed action plan for the implementation of the new process and how to carry it forward after our involvement. All the details about the new processes that need to be implemented for a better experience will be included.
    3. Digital and physical documentation of all the results obtained
    All the information obtained will be at your service so that you can make use of it in the future with new implementations.
    4. Training in various tools to continue iterating independently
    Throughout the process, your stakeholders will receive various advisories on the entire CX creation process. The goal is for them to be able to apply it on their own after our service has concluded when creating new versions.
    5. Discovery of customer experiences and complete mindset shift of the organization
    By the end of our work, your company will have knowledge about all the profiles of your customers, the experiences each one has when starting the purchase cycle with your business, and everything that needs to be provided to achieve their loyalty in the future.

    Presentation of Results

    Bonus por Contratarnos

    Además de todos los beneficios que le ofrecen nuestros webinars, le brindamos 7 bonus exclusivos para que garantice y asegure sus resultados:

    #1 Masterclass de ventas con webinars
    Si aún desconoce cómo vender con su webinar, le brindaremos una capacitación exclusiva para que desarrolle y perfeccione la manera de configurar su webinar para generar ventas, tomar pedidos y multiplicar sus clientes. Además le asesoraremos para crear anuncios increíbles de sus productos/servicios para que obtenga mayores ventas de manera consistente y con una perspectiva de calidad; y aprenderá cómo perfeccionar su argumento de venta para transformar a su público objetivo en sus clientes ideales.
    #2 Masterclass de edición exclusiva para webinars
    Este es el curso que necesita para comenzar a editar por sí mismo sus webinars como un profesional. Aprenderá de manera rápida y sencilla a como editar y grabar sus videos marketing, y a realizar una postproducción de calidad sobre los mismos. Es su oportunidad de posicionarse como un experto ante sus usuarios y su competencia, al brindar un webinar de excelencia para todo aquel que asista.
    #3 Aprenda a filmarse como un profesional
    Si el pánico escénico es su obstáculo para producir su video, nuestro curso le brindará una capacitación dedicada y exclusiva para generar un video profesional y de valor, superando tanto a su competencia como a su temor a grabarse. Conocerá y aprenderá de las técnicas y estrategias excepcionales que lo ayudarán a crear y grabar el webinar que usted necesita, controlando sus miedos y evitando errores.
    #4 Master class: cómo integrar profesionalmente los webinars en tu estrategia de marketing
    Se le ofrecerá asesoramiento sobre las estrategias que puede implementar para utilizar su webinar en cada etapa de sus clientes y así multiplicar x3 sus ventas. -Etapa de Reconocimiento: un webinar es una excelente opción para utilizarse como contenido que puede colaborar con originalidad en el reconocimiento y promoción de sus productos/servicios, encontrándonos el usuario como una solución adecuada a su necesidad. -Etapa de Consideración: una vez que su cliente ya lo haya reconocido como una posible solución a su problema, puede realizar acciones para ayudar a su potencial cliente a considerar el producto/servicio que ofrece como la mejor opción para satisfacer su necesidad. Para esto brindará su webinar, con el objetivo de otorgarle a cada usuario contenido de valor e importancia que lo ayudará a decir sobre su compra, colocándose usted por encima de su competencia. -Etapa de Decisión: en este momento, el factor determinante de la decisión de su cliente es el valor o beneficio agregado que puede otorgarle. Se utilizan estrategias de promociones y contenidos exclusivos dentro del webinar, ofertas limitadas, novedades, entre otras acciones que llevan a qualificar una mayor cantidad de leads. -Etapa de Post venta: se realizarán tácticas para retener los actuales clientes para que continúen comprando e interactuando con la marca. Por ejemplo, se puede ofrecer mediante el webinar una participación especial de los clientes, permitiéndoles por ejemplo coparticipar en el mismo, mejorando la fidelización con cada uno. Puede además invitar a celebrities o profesionales que recomienden el producto/servicio, logrando una perspectiva de valor excepcional de nuestro trabajo en los usuarios.
    #5 Grupo Exclusivo de Facebook
    Un grupo único y exclusivo en Facebook donde le compartiremos las novedades y tendencias especiales de marketing para perfeccionar su estrategia de venta. Además, es su oportunidad de encontrarse y recibir herramientas únicas en el mercado para llevar su marca y sus ventas a otro nivel.
    #6 Sus clientes al instante
    Le brindaremos la posibilidad de obtener 200 clientes potenciales para ofrecerles el servicio. ¿Cómo funciona? Nosotros nos encargaremos de enviarle diversos contactos de su interés que iremos seleccionando, analizando las posibilidades que tiene estos usuarios de convertirse en sus clientes.
    #7 Special Bonus:
    Edición de su primer webinar
    ¡Único en el mercado! Editaremos junto con usted su primer webinar para que sus ventas exploten. Nos encargaremos de ir paso a paso para crear el webinar que más desea para presentar sus productos o servicios como nunca antes se ha visto. ¡Ya es hora de comenzar!

    Our Plans

    We show you the different options we have according to your needs. If you think you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.



    • Advanced Plan

      $2,830For three months

      $8,490 one-time fee

      Experience Strategy
      Voice of the Customer (500 records)
      Employee Voice (50 records)
      Customer Journey Map (up to 12 touchpoints)
      Ideal Customer Journey Map (up to 12 touchpoints)
      Blue Print
      Experience Registration
      Prioritization of the Experience
      Short-Term Experience Planning
      Long-term Experience Planning
      Pro Plan

      $3,445For three months

      $10,335 one-time fee

      Experience Strategy
      Voice of the Customer (1,000 records)
      Employee Voice (100 records)
      Customer Journey Map (up to 20 touchpoints)
      Ideal Customer Journey Map (up to 20 touchpoints)
      Blue Print
      Experience Registration
      Prioritization of the Experience
      Short-Term Experience Planning
      Long-term Experience Planning
      Elite Plan

      $3,765For three months

      $11,295 one-time fee

      Experience Strategy
      Voice of the Customer (3,000 records)
      Employee Voice (150 records)
      Customer Journey Map (up to 30 touchpoints)
      Ideal Customer Journey Map (up to 30 touchpoints)
      Blue Print
      Experience Registration
      Prioritization of the Experience
      Short-Term Experience Planning
      Long-term Experience Planning
    • Advanced Plan

      $1.299/ monthly

      For Businesses +100 Customers

      Review of the Experience Strategy
      Voice of Customer Analysis
      Employee Voice Analysis
      Journey Map update
      Gap analysis between Customer Journey Map (CJM) and Ideal CJM
      Blue Print Update
      Monthly Experience Record
      Prioritization of the monthly experience
      Execution of 1 Short-Term Experience
      Execution of 1 Long-Term Experience
      Co-creation of Prototypes
      Internal Communication of the Experience
      Pro Plan

      $1.985/ monthly

      For Businesses +1,000 Customers

      Review of the Experience Strategy
      Voice of Customer Analysis
      Voice of the Employee Analysis
      Journey Map update
      Gap Analysis between Current Journey Maps and Ideal Journey Maps
      Update to the Blue Print
      Monthly Experience Registration
      Monthly Experience Prioritization
      Execution of 2 short-term experiments
      Execution of 1 long-term experience
      Co-creation of Prototypes
      Internal Communication of the Experience
      Elite Plan

      $2.450/ monthly

      For Businesses +5,000 Customers

      Review of the Experience Strategy
      Voice of the Customer Analysis
      Employee Voice Analysis
      Journey Map update
      Gap analysis between Current Customer Journey Map (CJM) and Ideal CJM
      Blue Print Update
      Monthly Experience Registration
      Prioritization of the monthly experience
      Execution of 3 Short-Term Experiments
      Execution of 2 Long-Term Experiments
      Co-creation of Prototypes
      Internal Communication of the Experience

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ about CX below.

    How long does it take to deliver the project?

    Crawpic commits to delivering the project within a maximum of 4 months, excluding business days when Crawpic depends on the client's delivery of materials, such as relevant information for each stage.

    Furthermore, business days will also be deducted if the human resources provided by the client do not attend the sessions. Ideally, the management time will be completed within a total period of three months and three weeks.

    What happens if that time extends due to lack of information?

    In the event that the project extends to 5 months or more due to lack of information and/or willingness on the part of the client, they must continue paying the remaining balance and wait for Crawpic's availability to proceed.

    What resources does the company need to provide for the work?

    To begin the project, the company is required to provide certain information about its organization, as well as time for conducting interviews and surveys, availability of staff, availability of a physical location (if one is owned) and schedules to work outside normal hours for some time, materials to organize the work, and a reference coordinator for consulting on eventualities.

    Is User Experience (UX) the same as Customer Experience (CX)?

    Both methodologies can work together, but they do not cover the same things. On one hand, the User Experience (UX) deals with people who interact with a product. It considers the experience they live or receive with this interaction, mostly in the digital world (websites, applications, and software). It has a special emphasis on the design of communication and technology. On the other hand, the Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interaction of people with a brand. It includes all its possible sub-products and considers multiple contact channels, not only digital ones. It is related to integral marketing, strategies, and business.

    Can the long-term effectiveness of CX be guaranteed?

    The service we propose will serve for a long time to attract customers and retain current ones, but long-term prevalence will be determined by your company's stakeholders and how they keep customer experiences active with the tools we can provide.

    What Happens if There is a Delay in Payment?

    If there is a delay in the payment of the remaining balance of 30 days, an additional 4% of the amount due must be paid. If the delay exceeds 60 days from approval, the additional payment is 10% of the amount due.