Ensure your marketing goals by paying per click, impression, or sale on Google and social networks thanks to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Increase your business conversions with ads that connect with searches and the behavior of your audience at any stage.

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Increase sales through advertising. Achieve brand recognition Increase traffic from each user on your site.

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    Why Do I Need an Online Advertising Campaign in My Strategy?

    In today's world, we know that 65% of all conversion-intent searches end with a click on an ad, especially in the top three results. Moreover, it's proven that visitors arriving at a page through paid campaigns are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. Creating successful blog articles involves a significant amount of work that shouldn't be wasted. Entrusting it to us will guarantee:

    Existing online platforms serve as the direct connection to your future and current customers. Missing out on the opportunity to showcase your company is no longer an option:


    of all companies focus on Google AdWords for their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.


    of B2B companies have acquired customers through LinkedIn ads.

    Every 0 days

    The average Facebook user clicks on ads every 2 days, and on Instagram, too.

    8 Reasons to Use SEM

    Having real and updated communication on each of your company's social networks
    Each social network and platform of your company should convey empathy and connection with what your target audience needs. Your ads will have the most up-to-date information about what you offer and solutions to their needs at the exact moment of search.
    Creating empathy with target users through ads that appeal to their real emotions.
    No longer is it necessary to advertise blindly, as we have all the tools to know what your future client has been searching for and what they need from you. Making use of this information will appeal to their real emotions rather than a guess.
    Reaching as many people as possible without the need for one-on-one connections
    One of the greatest benefits of online advertising on social networks is being able to target the target audience and reach them exclusively with each campaign, even without having a close connection with each individual. This avoids the need to address them separately, as your ad will take care of covering those spaces.
    Creating campaigns that generate revenue instead of expenses
    Both ROI and additional profits will increase after you launch your campaign. It's proven that 50% of people who click on an ad are more likely to make the purchase or conversion you're expecting (whether it's more inquiries, more forms, or more emails, if that's what you're offering).
    Increase sales through advertising on different platforms.
    It is proven that online advertising is one of the fastest methods to gain profits and increase conversions by ranking first on the most common search engines and similarly, on the most used social media platforms.
    Increasing traffic and the time each user spends on your site is crucial for boosting engagement and conversions.
    The click on your ads will lead users to the landing page or store of your company. A good ad with a quality landing page will ensure that anyone who clicks stays there until they find what they need.
    Achieving brand recognition and visibility in the market
    The discovery stage of your business is one of the most labor-intensive. A well-developed advertising campaign will be able to make your company visible and recognized to a broad but specific audience, easily progressing them to the next stage of the funnel.
    Directing promotional campaigns according to each stage of your marketing funnel
    We know that it's not only important to generate awareness and visibility in the awareness stage, but it's also crucial to maintain that constant visibility in all other stages of the funnel. That's why our SEM service will take care of creating specific campaigns for the stage of the funnel your customer is in, ensuring that important conversions are not missed.

    What do we offer you?

    A well-developed SEM strategy can increase a company's conversion rate by over 63% and make a significant impact on each of the target users. That's why we offer you more than 15 benefits of our service:


    Get direct, measurable, and reliable results.


    Incorporate SEM into your marketing strategy.

    Development Process

    The 5 steps to create a successful SEM campaign are:

    1. Research
    We will conduct thorough research on users, potential customers, social networks, behaviors, among others.

    2. Campaign Creation
    Each platform will have a specially designed campaign, as the audience and the way each one communicates is different.

    3. Implementation
    We will execute the media plan campaigns on all the chosen networks from the previous steps.

    4. Measurement of Results
    We will measure the results of the analysis and generate detailed reports with information that will help us in future optimization.

    5. Optimization
    Based on the results we obtained, we will optimize the campaigns to achieve better outcomes according to the audience and content.

    Do you have any of these concerns?

    Below, we address our clients' concerns and provide answers for their peace of mind:

    #1. Failing to achieve the desired conversion rate even with advertising investment.

    Investing in advertising is one of the safest because recipients are specifically chosen based on what they expect and search for in their search engines and networks. Recognizing your company will make them consider it the next time they decide to invest in a product or service.

    #2. Having your advertisements seen as spam and ending up getting blocked.

    User research will be thorough to determine where advertising is necessary. Additionally, the goal is for the ads to clearly convey their messages but not become invasive.

    #3. Your ads not reaching the desired audience.

    A sociodemographic analysis of each platform will help us understand which audience to target and where to direct your advertising campaign. Your ads will reach the audience that the company identifies as the target for its services or products.

    And what about my customers' fears?

    As you can see, each piece will be specially designed for your reader:

    #1. Having too many ads on their networks for things they don't need.

    The specificity of the ads will be determined by users' searches on Google or other search engines, and we will strive to only offer valuable content about these products or services.

    #2. Receiving spam or too many notifications.

    Our ads will not send unsolicited content and will only be displayed within the selected networks or platforms according to the users we want to reach.

    3. The ad not being faithful to what is found on the landing page.

    The connection between what the ad offers and what the user will get when they click is paramount to create a better impression on the customer after being captivated by the advertising. The ads we will create will be true to what they offer and will have a special alignment with the landing page.

    Discover the functions and features of our Online Advertising service.

    #2. Receiving spam or too many notifications.

    Our ads will not send unsolicited content and will only be displayed within the selected networks or platforms according to the users we want to reach.

    Google Adwords

    Advertising on various platforms
    Google AdWords is used to generate advertising for a variety of platforms. Some of these include the Google search engine and its associated pages (blogs, forums, and portals), Gmail, YouTube, and PlayStore apps, among others. Additionally, it has the ability to generate different variables for an ad depending on where it will be published.
    Analysis and optimization
    Throughout the campaign process, objectives, demographics, or the status of the product/service may change, among other things. For this reason, content, budget, search terms, and many other factors of the strategy must also change. Regular reporting on the progress of the campaign will be periodic, with the aim of keeping track of all these changing factors. Depending on the objective, the reports include: recent/less recent campaigns, comparison between the current month/previous month, quantity and cost per click, quantity and cost per sale, quantity and cost per conversion, quantity and cost per video view, search terms, geographic location of the person and device used, gender and age of the people, peak performance times, etc.
    Performance measurement
    This measurement is done constantly to know exactly what happened with the campaign. The metrics used vary and can include who clicked on your ad, how many leads have been generated, the amount of traffic received from AdWords to your website, which keyword generated the most traffic, and who the potential customers are. This tool would help understand what worked and what didn't with the campaign, allowing us to adjust it until achieving optimal results.
    Google Search Engine
    When people are already seeking an answer to their questions or a solution to their problem, that's when they see the ad at the top of their search. In other words, they are already on a mission to address whatever their need may be.
    Keyword optimization
    Within optimization, keywords that users search for, ads, banners, videos, and the landing page they reach through the Google search engine are included.
    Faster results than SEO
    Both SEO and Google AdWords are search engine marketing strategies to generate more traffic and leads. However, a well-optimized AdWords campaign can work much faster to get a business to the top of the search results, as it can focus on multiple keywords at once, activate or deactivate the campaign as desired, and, the biggest advantage, ads that appear at the top of the page gain immediate visibility.
    Increases brand awareness
    Google has partnered with Ipsos to conduct a study across 12 verticals, from automobiles to retail stores. It was found that search ads increase top-of-mind awareness by an average of 6.6%.
    Integration with Google Analytics
    Google Analytics will help understand how long a visitor stayed on a page, how many pages have been visited, the bounce rate of your landing page, details about new and returning visitors, among other variables. This integration will provide much more data about the results of your campaign.

    Youtube Ads

    Image and Sound Strategy
    Reaching the target audience with an advertising format that includes image and sound allows going beyond other more traditional media, as it can get closer to the emotional perspective of the user. The possibility of using longer videos in your campaign will allow you to impact users who might not have done so through other channels.
    Placement of Display Campaigns
    Within Display campaigns (using banners), you can also select to display them across various YouTube channels. The banners are featured in the right-hand column above suggested videos or overlaid at the bottom of the screen while the video is playing.
    Segmentation Options
    YouTube ads allow targeting the audience based on location, demographics, topics, audiences, or placements, ensuring that viewers are the actual targets for the video advertising messages.
    Different Advertising Formats
    There are different types of video ads. For example, you can use TrueView, which only charges for true views or interactions. This, combined with extensive targeting options, allows us to accurately determine that the people viewing campaigns framed within YouTube Ads are the ideal audience. Video campaigns that use TrueView Discovery are displayed on YouTube pages with related content or on the homepage. The idea is to facilitate their discovery to users by placing them in a visible location. TrueView In-stream campaigns are typically shown before or during video playback, especially in the case of long videos. Their duration is typically between 15-20 seconds or several minutes, and they can be skippable or non-skippable. Bumper ads are similar to the previous ones but must last a maximum of 6 seconds and cannot be skipped.

    Youtube Ads

    Gmail Ads

    We use email marketing to make Gmail ads also useful to your landing page. Gmail ads are integrated with Google AdWords, which means you can reach more potential customers through their Gmail inbox.
    Utility with Lower Budget
    Gmail ads generally cost much less than search ads.
    Multiple Platforms
    Gmail ads can run on both desktop and mobile devices.
    Reports and Optimization
    As with all our services, after implementing the campaign, regular reports will be generated on the results, and we will identify aspects to improve in the future.

    Google Partner Websites

    Service Goal
    The objective of advertising ads on websites in the Search Network that are associated with Google is to capture those potential customers who might consume the product or service in question. Some of these sites are part of Google, such as Google Maps or YouTube, and others are not, such as Ask or AOL.
    Ad Placement
    In the case of a website associated with Google, Google AdWords ads will appear placed on the most relevant pages, on website directory pages, or on other pages related to a user's search.

    Google Partner Websites

    LinkedIn Ads

    Accurate User Information
    User information on LinkedIn, being a business social network, includes various aspects that can be useful if used correctly to benefit your company, as it has data on major influencers and executive positions. Some variables are: location, position in the company, up-to-date experience, past work experience, or skills, among others.
    Budget Adjustment
    You can change your budget and your bids in response to your campaign's performance. Through reports and optimization, this possibility can help maximize results with minimal investment.
    Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
    If your company invests in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), which focuses on targeting specific accounts or clients with a dedicated campaign, we can use LinkedIn advertising to your advantage, as it has designed its advertising options to support this type of marketing.
    Advanced options for targeting ads
    Ads can be targeted based on location, job title, company name, industry, degree, professional interests, or many other variables that will make our target audience narrower and the campaigns truly dedicated.
    With the use of Sponsored InMail, we can send personalized messages to the audience members who serve your business best. Whether you're looking to attract a valuable leader in your industry or a potential candidate for your company, Sponsored InMail offers to invite users to download exclusive content, such as an e-book or a white paper, encourage users to sign up or register for an in-person or online event, or motivate them to purchase a product or service you offer.
    Additionally, LinkedIn prevents InMail messages from being sent to inactive members of the social network, which improves your company's chances of reaching audience members and getting results from those interactions.
    Variety of advertising options
    LinkedIn ads can utilize text, images, and video. They can also employ various ad formats, such as carousel ads, email ads, sponsored content or InMail, dynamic ads, or display ads.

    Facebook Ads

    Due to its varied targeting options and analytics, it allows reaching the desired audience and achieving better results regardless of your company's budget. Some metrics include location, age, gender, or profession, among others. Thus, you will be able to reach exclusively the audience you want.
    Multimedia Utilization
    Facebook allows ads to contain text, images, audio, and video. Additionally, posts can be carousel or gallery types, among other formats.
    The Facebook ads campaign will be optimized periodically according to the results obtained from the reports and any changes or modifications to the product or service your company offers.
    Ad Placement
    Advertising can appear in the news section/feed, as instant articles, in instream videos, in the right column (desktop only), in suggested videos, on Marketplace, at the beginning of Messenger, or in a Messenger message.
    Continuous Adjustment and Reporting
    Facebook advertising requires appropriate tracking that allows for dynamic campaign adjustments.
    Depending on your company's goal, you can report: most recent/least recent campaigns, comparison between the current month/previous month, quantity and cost per click, quantity and cost per sale, quantity and cost per conversion, quantity and cost per video view, search terms, geographical location of the person and device used, gender and age of the individuals, times of highest performance, etc.

    Facebook Ads

    Instagram Ads

    Periodic Reports According to the Objective
    We will meticulously follow the results obtained from the launched ads. To maintain good performance, we will carry out detailed reports.
    Depending on the objective of your company, we can report: most recent/least recent campaigns, comparison between the current month/previous month, quantity and cost per click, quantity and cost per sale, quantity and cost per conversion, quantity and cost per video view, search terms, geographical location of the person and the device used, gender and age of the people, times of highest performance, etc.
    Then, the ads, images, videos, or the landing webpage that users reach by clicking are optimized. In this way, we ensure that your investment maintains optimal performance.
    Reach millions of people in one day
    Both the content and the interface of Instagram are designed for mobile devices, used worldwide by millions of people, so your ads will reach a large number of target users every day. This network allows for significant positioning in a short time.
    Ad Placement
    The advertising will appear located in the feed/news section of Instagram or in the stories.
    Variability of Formats
    The platform allows adding images, videos, or carousels (a succession of photographs), with many options for segmentation and duration within your advertising.

    Sponsored Blog Posts

    User Engagement
    The use of the blogging platform is one of the most used alongside Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, even more than YouTube or LinkedIn. Campaigns on these types of blogs can be a great investment if they provide the correct added value.
    Reporting and Optimization
    To ensure the investment is not in vain, we will create reports and measure the sponsored blog campaign strategy to analyze its performance and optimize it in case it does not achieve the expected results.
    Multiple formats
    One of the benefits of this type of ads is that they can use various formats for their execution, such as images, videos, infographics, and all kinds of audiovisual content.
    Searching for Sponsorship Blogs
    We will look for information and investigate possible blogs that can work with our ads, those that are especially dedicated to the services and products that your company offers as well as those that your target audience frequently visits.
    How to use the service
    Sponsored blog posts appear as a regular post within the feed/news section of the respective blog but with the distinction of being a paid advertisement by your company. The advertising content retains the characteristics and language of the blog to maintain the relationship with its regular audience but indicates that it is an additional advertisement.

    Sponsored Blog Posts

    Ads on third-party blogs

    Service Functions
    As with sponsored blog posts, this service focuses on the use of advertisements within blogs of other organizations or users, with the difference that this will stand out as such and will not be closely related to the blogger's tone of address.
    Reporting and optimization
    We will monitor the third-party blog campaign strategy to ensure proper functioning and optimize it if it does not achieve the expected results.


    Display remarketing campaigns
    Display campaigns help direct visitors across various websites with advertising through banner images. They can be used on different platforms, from YouTube to third-party blogs.
    Useful Platforms
    This resource is applicable to all the alternatives mentioned previously, whether it's Google AdWords, campaigns on social media, or on blogs.
    The reports generated with each previously mentioned campaign play a fundamental role in the implementation of remarketing, as we will use them to optimize the campaigns that did not perform well in converting a defined audience.
    Persuasion of known customers
    Remarketing is an adaptive process that involves adjusting a past campaign with the aim of targeting customers who didn't convert, leveraging our previously analyzed preferences and tastes, thus increasing the chances of conversion.
    Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns
    The Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) are a mechanism used to work on the sales/leads funnel at different levels. They allow responding with text ads to users' searches who have already visited the website, adapting the request or message. This feature enables working with different keywords exclusively for remarketing and targeting different stages of the funnel according to each one's specificity.


    Our Plans

    We present you with different options according to your needs. If you feel you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.


    30%on investments + $1,000 usd

    For businesses

    Objective-Based Strategy
    Keyword Planning
    Campaign Structure
    Traffic Estimation
    ROI Management & Optimization
    Analytics Integration
    Monthly Report

    18%on investments + $5,000 usd

    For businesses

    Objective-Based Strategy
    Keyword Planning
    Campaign Structure
    Traffic Estimation
    ROI Management & Optimization
    Analytics Integration
    Monthly Report

    10%on investments + $10,000 usd

    For businesses

    Objective-Based Strategy
    Keyword Planning
    Campaign Structure
    Traffic Estimation
    ROI Management & Optimization
    Analytics Integration
    Monthly Report

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ about SEM below.

    Is it necessary to run all campaigns, or can I choose just one platform?

    Our service includes campaigns for all platforms capable of increasing target conversions, but if you don't want to promote your company on any of the mentioned ones, it's not necessary.

    What if my company doesn't have any of the mentioned social networks?

    Social media work isn't the only thing we do; it's also done through Google and its affiliated pages, such as Blogspot, forums, or YouTube. However, depending on your company's industry, it's recommended to have some social media platform for your ads.

    Why is it recommended to have social media for the campaign?

    Contact and communication with the customer are fundamental nowadays. Social media allows the company to be in close contact with customers and their needs, which means approaching customers interested in our products. It's not necessary to have an account on every platform, but rather the one that best suits your company (having a profile on Instagram is not the same as having one on LinkedIn).

    What is the difference between SEM and SEO / an organic result and a paid one?

    Although both online marketing strategies are similar in terms of positioning, it may be that only one of them works better for your company.

    SEO, on the one hand, is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines (mainly Google). Since these are "organic" results, it does not include paid ads or campaigns but rather focuses more on analysis and use of keywords, among other variables.

    On the other hand, SEM refers to techniques that improve the positioning of a website through paid ads that appear in search engines for certain keywords (so it also includes knowledge of SEO).

    How do you know when a campaign is successful or needs improvement?

    Generally, through the conversion goals set in the strategy. Depending on whether the goal was to get more clicks, inquiries, or sales, the interaction of the ads with users will be measured to determine if the result is as expected or if adjustments need to be made.
    These measurements will be taken after a specific time to consider multiple impressions.

    Success is primarily achieved if an interaction with the ad leads to immediate conversion.

    What does "Display Network" mean?

    It's the set of websites that accept Google advertising. If you wish, your ads can also appear and be seen by users visiting these websites.

    The timelines will be established before starting work, and we guarantee they will be met as agreed.

    What benefit does SEM have over other paid campaigns?

    With the use of SEM, specific promotions are made to have greater presence on the first page of Google, especially in the top three results that are the most visited, which gives an advantage over your competitors.

    For the creation of automated webinars and lead magnets that require more development, you can inquire about an additional budget depending on the quantity and the development of each one.