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Learn how to seize the opportunities and threats of your SME or company and start boosting all your strategies.

Save time and money by creating short, medium, and long-term commercial strategies based on the knowledge of your company's real internal and external processes with a performance audit.

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Improved optimizations on company processes Real results on the company's situation Detect potential problems and obtain solutions.

    What is the current issue you are trying to solve with this service?
    Lack of clarity in strategic direction due to failure to identify and analyze key strengths and weaknesses.Vulnerability to unforeseen situations due to absence of strategic contingency plans.Difficulty in making informed decisions due to lack of detailed analysis of the company's accounting performance.Missed market opportunities due to lack of definition of effective sales and communication objectives.Ineffectiveness in strategic decision-making due to unrealistic assessment of the company's current situation.Risk of losing competitiveness due to lack of research and analysis of the competition.Internal efforts and objectives misalignment due to imprecise definition of corporate goals, mission, and values.Vulnerability to potential future problems due to lack of early detection and development of preventive solutions.Underutilization of resources and growth opportunities due to lack of focus on long-term profit maximization.Disconnection with the target audience due to inconsistencies in communication strategy.

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    Development of strategic contingency plans for the action planDetailed analysis of the company's accounting performanceDefinition of more effective sales and communication objectivesRealistic evaluation of the current situation of the companyResearch and analysis of the competitionAccurate establishment of objectives, mission, and corporate valuesEarly detection of possible future problems and development of preventive solutionsMaximization of long-term profitsIdentification of inconsistencies in the communication strategy with the target audience.

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    Why Do I Need the Auditing Service for My Company?

    Performing an internal and external audit will reveal everything that is failing and everything that can be enhanced in your company to start improving both short, medium, and long term, based on its main weaknesses and strengths.


    It does so due to:
    - Need for innovation
    - Not achieving objectives
    - Entry of competitors
    - Decrease in sales
    - Changes in consumer habits
    - Optimization of marketing expenses
    - Below-average sector growth


    The uncertainties about marketing actions are resolved by the audit.


    Savings in advertising investment

    Why conduct an Audit?

    MejoresBetter optimizations on company processes optimizaciones sobre los procesos de la empresa
    Our auditing service will help you understand the current processes of your company globally and, based on our analysis reports, you'll be able to make and implement more informed decisions to carry out relevant and pertinent modifications.
    Knowing its main strengths and weaknesses
    With a SWOT analysis, you will be able to identify the main strengths and weaknesses of your company currently to understand how to leverage all your strengths and opportunities and how to eliminate threats, while simultaneously transforming and enhancing weaknesses.
    Strategic contingency plans for the action plan
    Every action plan may have points that end up failing, not due to poor planning, but because of unforeseen future external events, for example. Our goal is to provide you with the ability to anticipate and implement contingency plans for any eventuality, eliminating the most common threats.
    Detailed understanding of the company's accounting performance
    With an economic analysis, we will establish forecasts and key points on the profitability of the action plan and the expected long-term results.
    Creation of more accurate sales and communication objectives
    By understanding the market in which your brand operates and the most specific target audience, we can create more accurate sales and marketing strategies to promote the product or service you offer without unnecessary expenses.
    Real results about the current situation of the company
    The main benefit of an audit is truly understanding the situation of a company, without making assumptions or deceiving oneself. You will have genuine knowledge about market placement, positioning against competitors, and financial status.
    Knowing the competition
    We will conduct a summarized and concise analysis of your company's current competition, how it fits into the market and what its distinguishing features are, to understand how to develop a more refined action plan focused on your own differentiations and strengths.
    Accurate establishment of company objectives, mission, and values
    The mission and values of a company are its most important offerings to the world; they are its introduction, what it does. We will help you establish clear mission and values that align with the primary purpose of the company's existence and set objectives for various areas that must be achieved to keep it standing.
    Detecting potential future problems and obtaining solutions to mitigate them.
    We will provide you with some recommendations that will help you identify future problems and the best way to resolve them without having to incur debt or implement drastic solutions.
    Increase future profits
    By understanding the current weaknesses and mistakes of your company, you can implement more accurate strategies and solutions that will later serve to increase profits and decrease final losses.
    Discover irregularities regarding your target audience and communication strategies.
    We will help you gain a deeper understanding of your target audience and understand their mindset to offer more relevant content that can captivate them with the right communication and marketing strategies.

    What do we offer you?

    Currently, many companies fail not because of their catalog, but because they don't know how to keep the same business afloat. Having an action plan is only useful if you know how to implement it and have quick solutions for everything that can go wrong.

    That's why we offer you a specialized auditing service in internal and external processes so that, from now on, your commercial strategies are the most accurate:

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    Development Process

    The 9 steps to conduct an audit are:

    1. Analysis of the situation, opportunities, and objectives
    We will analyze the current situation of the company, SWOT analysis, mission, values, main objectives, and much more. We will analyze the current situation of the company, SWOT analysis, mission, values, main objectives, and much more.

    2. Market situation
    We will discover the current situation of the company in the market, its strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Competitiveness
    We will analyze the competition, their current situation, indirect and potential competitors, and comparison with your company and among them.

    4. Marketing strategies
    We will plan the marketing strategy according to each area of the business and how we will implement them.

    5. Marketing Policies
    We will establish the relevant marketing policies for the company and its internal developments.

    6. Sales Plan
    We will create a sales plan tailored to the characteristics of the company, the products or services it offers, and the media, among other aspects.

    7. Production and Purchasing
    We will establish appropriate production and purchasing methods, pricing policies, promotion and distribution, and much more.

    8. Results Forecast
    We will make an annual and long-term forecast of the expected results.

    9. Summary and Conclusions
    We will summarize all the information found to reaffirm the company's strengths and opportunities for progress, while concluding the service with recommendations for better decision-making.

    Are you concerned that the audit will cause the failure of your company?

    An audit will highlight both the good and the bad, do not deprive yourself of your knowledge.

    #1 Finding more errors than solutions

    An audit exists to recognize errors in time before they become a point of failure. Knowing what things you need to optimize will be much better for taking action and solving them before they turn into something worse.

    #2 That it is costly

    Our auditing service is conducted only once, and the benefits it brings will focus on enabling an optimization that leads to generating more profits than losses. Don't miss out on all the improvements you can make out of fear.

    #3 That the proposed solutions cannot be applied

    Our solutions will be based on the results of the obtained analysis and in relation to the qualities of your company. We will not provide solutions that are not suitable for implementation in the short, medium, or long term.

    #4 Not having all the information that Crawpic requires for the audit

    We will conduct our analysis based on the information you currently have. In cases where information that you do not have is absolutely necessary, depending on the situation, we can either take the initiative to search for it, or we will provide detailed guidance on what is needed so that you can obtain it easily and provide it for the service.

    Discover the functions and features of our audits

    Situation, opportunities, and objectives

    Current Situation: Risks and Opportunities
    We will summarize in a concise and clear manner the current situation of the company and its position in the market; its weaknesses and strengths. We will provide an explanation of the risks the company must face in the medium and long term (according to internal weaknesses) and uncover the opportunities presented by the market, internal processes, and the company's strengths.
    SWOT Analysis
    We will conduct an analysis of the main weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities of your company to understand the current situation, what can be improved, and what is not being capitalized on.
    We will clearly summarize some important values of the company (those that will be communicated in specific situations), which relate to human aspects, respect, or certain special measures.
    We will set the mission of your company: "What do you want your company to be now?" It must be a challenge or a difficult but achievable goal. It is a summary of how far the company wants to go in the future, its ultimate goal.
    We will focus on finding objectives for different situations within the company. We will set short-term goals, for example, within the first year of activity. For general objectives, we will specifically define what they are (more sales, more revenue, higher profit margins, etc.), both in the short, medium, and long term.

    Market Situation

    Target Audience
    We will provide a concise definition of the target audience (main targets), taking into account new trends, their key characteristics, and their order of importance.
    Internal Keys
    We will establish the key points that the company should leverage according to the future keys found, whether they are strategies, new policies, or synergistic work processes, for example.
    Future Keys
    We will establish key points for the future of the action plan, considering favorable factors within the market.
    If the company has influencers or there have been significant modifications, we will analyze them and include them briefly in the final report.
    Current Market, Medium-term Market, and Trends
    Regarding the current market, we will conduct an analysis with real and concrete data, according to the different segments. For the long-term market, we will forecast potential changes and seek information about market trends, where we believe they are heading, taking into account evolving and changing processes (quantitative and qualitative estimates).

    Market Situation


    Current Situation of the Company Compared to Competitors
    We will summarize the competitive landscape in the market and the keys of competition against the company. We will uncover who the most significant competitors are, their strengths and weaknesses, their positioning, and their distinctions.
    Comparative Analysis
    We will conduct a comparison among the main characteristics of the competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they differentiate themselves to clarify the company's objectives when positioning itself.
    Indirect Competition and Potential Competitors
    We will identify who the indirect competition of the company is to focus our analysis there as well, and we will determine the potential competitors in the future.
    Evolution of Competitiveness
    We will reflect on the historical evolution of the company's positions in the market and competition, drawing conclusions with accurate data on strengths and weaknesses.
    Strategic Measures
    We will reflect on the basic and logical measures that must be taken to improve the competitiveness of the company.

    Marketing Strategy

    Differential Value
    We will identify the main differentiators, the characteristic branding of the brand, and the primary positioning value of the company and its products or services.

    Additionally, we will provide a clear definition of the idea that the company wants to position in the minds of consumers in the medium term.
    Development Strategy
    For the development strategy, we will establish some specific and credible medium to long-term goals, taking into account expansion to other areas, opening new branches, and more.
    Marketing Action Plan
    We will create detailed promotion and advertising plans for the company's annual activities. We will obtain tactics, media, and quantified results.
    Product Strategy
    We will focus on defining the key points on which all actions will be based, from launch to development and renewal.
    Loyalty and Referral Strategy
    For the customer strategy, we will devise a loyalty strategy to retain current customers or contacts and encourage them to recommend your company after completing a purchase.
    Marketing Policies
    We will provide a brief definition of your product, service, pricing, promotion, and distribution policies.

    As for the product and customer service policy, we will summarize the essential points and aim to establish the main objectives for the future, such as new line developments, assumptions, policies, or modifications. Additionally, we will focus on the customer to understand how to communicate potential changes and how they would benefit.

    Regarding pricing, discounts, and promotions policies, we will define what they are and how new discounts affect them, as well as the gross and net prices of all products.

    In the distribution policy, we will choose the channels through which your products or services will be distributed, especially considering the characteristics and industry of your business.

    For the merchandising policy, we will document all the details of its management, technology, control, and more.

    As for the communication policies, we will include the main communication lines of the company, public relations policies, and any future modifications (if applicable).

    Marketing Strategy

    Sales Plan

    Sales strategy
    We will briefly describe the sales strategy that will be developed in the first year for each product and service, whether through intermediaries or directly to the end consumer, type of offer, etc.
    Sales conditions
    We will schematically outline the sales conditions by type of customer and product or purchase volume (prices and discounts, expenses, payment methods, policies, and warranties, among other aspects).
    Sales Force
    We will describe the main characteristics of the sales team and if there are any changes that should be made.
    Annual sales plan
    We will create a specific plan with the specification of necessary sales supports and estimated rates of effectiveness and control. We will put together a plan that reflects the entire process comprehensively.
    Sales budget for the fiscal year
    We will create a total sales budget including a comparison of sales, gross sales revenue, returns or cancellations, and net billing with the previous fiscal year or period.

    Production and purchases

    Production process
    We will reflect the critical points where the key of the processes influences. We will include changes in the production mode and applied technologies.
    Logistics and distribution process
    We will describe the most significant changes in the distribution process. For example, who will be in charge, the distribution capacity, and relevant details if an external company is responsible.
    Purchasing and inventory management
    We will describe the purchasing process, the essential policies, conditions and critical control points, management, and efficiency rates, among others.
    Production requirements
    We will determine production needs, the production resources required for each stage, procure the production capacity according to the needs, and draw a conclusion regarding risks and benefits.
    Production and purchasing plan
    We will develop a production plan detailing production needs and costs, a plan with purchase and inventory estimates for the fiscal year, and control of production and quality.
    Purchasing plan and forecast
    We will make a purchasing forecast for the new fiscal year.
    Quality Control Program
    Quality control is important if you plan to make changes in the future.

    Production and purchases

    Forecast of results

    Projected results
    We will provide a brief summary of the expected results over 5 years. It will include some percentage variations to understand the projected evolution.
    Results of the fiscal year
    Break-even point: We will analyze the monthly and annual break-even point and how many days it took to reach it. This threshold depends on the proportion of fixed and variable expenses of the company.

    Income statement: We will provide a summarized analysis of the income statement for the fiscal year.

    Treasury: We will describe the financial process including treasury management in cases where the marketing plan is the complete business plan. This will include cash flow and peak financing.

    Summary and Conclusion

    Risks and opportunities
    We will reflect the possible risks that may arise and solutions to limit them. Additionally, we will revisit the opportunities described at the beginning to underscore them.
    We will establish the relevant changes that need to be made and the course of action for each one.
    Strengths Points
    We will summarize the strengths of the company to reaffirm them and leverage them in the future.
    We will conclude the audit with positive outlooks for the company's action plan.

    Summary and Conclusion

    Our Plans

    We show you the different options we have according to your needs. If you feel you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.

    Advanced Plan

    $4,670/ for 3 months

    or $13,290 one-time

    Current Company Situation
    The Market
    SWOT Analysis
    Positioning, Mission, and Vision
    Marketing Objectives and Policies
    Marketing Mix
    Results Forecast
    Summary and Conclusions
    Pro Plan

    $4,990/ for 3 months

    or $14,220 one-time

    Current Company Situation
    The Market
    SWOT Analysis
    Positioning, Mission, and Vision
    Marketing Objectives and Policies
    Sales Plan
    Marketing Mix
    Results Forecast
    Summary and Conclusions
    Elite Plan

    $5,345/ for 3 months

    or $15,230 one-time

    Current Company Situation
    The Market
    SWOT Analysis
    Positioning, Mission, and Vision
    Marketing Objectives and Policies
    Sales Plan
    Marketing Mix
    Production and Purchasing
    Results Forecast
    Summary and Conclusions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you still have doubts? Take a look at our FAQ about our audit service below.

    Why is an audit necessary?

    An audit is necessary to understand the main strengths and weaknesses of a brand, company, or venture, know how to use them to your advantage, and enhance available opportunities. Additionally, it is useful to identify what is failing in internal processes and financing, and then be able to solve it with new strategies and different perspectives.

    Is it legal to conduct an audit?

    Of course! Generally, what is illegal is not conducting audits periodically, as often audits are required to be presented to authorities as a demonstration of compliance.

    Does the audit work for any industry?

    Certainly! Each audit is tailored to the objectives of your company. Whether it's due to:
    - Need for innovation
    - Not achieving goals
    - Entry of competitors
    - Decrease in sales
    - Changes in consumer habits
    - Optimization of marketing expenses
    - Growth below sector average

    Is the service paid for one-time only?

    The audit is paid for one-time only! Then, if you wish to have quarterly maintenance to review the proposed suggestions, that can also be arranged.

    How long does it take to deliver the final audit report?

    Crawpic commits to delivering the final report within a maximum of 4 months, excluding business days where Crawpic depends on the delivery of materials from the client, such as relevant information for each stage. Additionally, business days will be deducted if the human resources provided by the client do not attend the sessions. Ideally, the management time will take place within a total period of three months and three weeks.

    What happens if the time is extended due to lack of information?

    If the project extends to 5 months or more due to lack of information and/or cooperation from the client, you must continue paying the remaining balance and wait for Crawpic's time to proceed.

    ¿Qué recursos se necesitan dWhat resources are needed from the company to work?e parte de la empresa para trabajar?

    To start the audit, the company is required to provide certain information about its organization, as well as time for interviews and surveys, availability of personnel, availability of physical space (if owned), and scheduling for working extra hours if needed. Additionally, materials to organize the work and a reference coordinator to consult with regarding eventualities are necessary.

    What happens if there is a delay in payment?

    If there is a delay in the payment of the remaining balance by 30 days, an additional 4% must be paid on the outstanding fee. If the delay is more than 60 days from approval, the additional payment is 10% of the outstanding fee.