Conversion Rate Optimization

Discover how your customers navigate and increase your website's conversions with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Increase your Conversion Rate by offering a website that meets your visitors' expectations at each stage of their funnel.

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    Get hidden user data with heatmaps and session recordings to increase conversions.Identify the perfect combination of investment, segments, ads, formats, landing pages, and forms for your digital campaigns.Decrease bounce rate by providing your customers with specifically tailored content they are looking for.Transform optimized e-commerce traffic or landing page visits into sales, more emails on your subscription list, or completed forms.Increase ROI: leverage your current advertising investment and avoid unnecessary losses.Optimize your customers' user experience, making it more enjoyable for them (site speed, usability, appropriate language).

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    Why Do I Need CRO Services to Optimize My Website's Conversion Rate?

    Successful conversion rate optimization is achieved through a series of modifications and strategies based on past customer behaviors. A website's ability to improve its conversion rate largely depends on its usability, the content offered, and the correct design.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the most comprehensive methods to provide what web users truly want and expect. Discover why you need to implement it:


    Companies that have their online site in Latin America are not optimizing their conversion rate, losing more than 60% of the traffic that arrives.


    Companies are losing their advertising investment because they lack solid data on which combination to make between targets, campaigns, ads, formats, landing pages, and forms.


    Your visits will be capitalized through CRO, understanding the behavior of each user on your website. This allows you to know exactly how they navigate it and why they do not complete a purchase or fill out a form.

    10 Reasons to Use CRO in Your Marketing Strategy

    Increase your conversion rate so that the traffic to your online store or landing page turns into sales
    At the beginning of the analysis, we will gather valuable information to define the stages of your company's conversion funnel. With this data, we can find where users abandon your website, which product pages need improvement, and what is needed to enhance the company's communication. By knowing which categories sell the most and which ones need reinforcement, you will be able to make clear future decisions so that traffic turns into a sure sale.
    Know which combination to make between segments, campaigns, ads, formats, landing pages, and forms
    Thanks to the segmentation tools we use, along with user identification and visitor profiling, you will be able to make informed decisions based on reports for each of them, based on their behaviors and what they actually want, instead of guessing.
    Furthermore, you will receive advice on how to keep your site's improvements active once our work is completed.
    That your users complete the forms available (micro-conversions)
    We will conduct a thorough analysis of all the forms on your website to increase the completion rate, adding or removing fields that visitors leave incomplete.
    Decrease the bounce and abandonment rate of the store
    By knowing exactly what users are looking for and how they navigate your website, we can observe where they lose attention and abandon your store. Based on our reports, you can optimize these areas of your site so that the bounce rate decreases significantly.
    Not wasting time on campaigns that do not achieve customer conversion
    We will analyze the SEO of your store and provide reports with suggestions for changes so that your campaigns are specific and achieve a more effective conversion rate in less time.
    Leverage the investment and avoid losses
    With our customer analysis methodology, we will track the number of days or visits it took to convert a sale to understand what they are specifically looking for and minimize the conversion time, leading to a quick Return on Investment (ROI) in the end.
    Get more emails in subscriptions
    If the goal is to obtain more emails for your mailing list, we specialize in studying what your customer (at the consideration stage or after the sale) expects to find in their mailbox, in order to create a campaign that is useful and achieves the expected results.
    That your marketing campaigns are more effective
    We will analyze the clicks on your paid advertisements and/or in your email marketing campaigns and the interaction of these with your landing page to determine which marketing campaigns work best, whether the keywords are correct, and if the content is relevant to what the customer expects.
    Know what users are looking for to close the purchase
    We use a session recording tool that records how your users navigate the site to uncover where navigation confusions occur, why they spend more time in certain sections and less time in others, and why some sections have a high bounce rate (abandonments). With this information, we will know what needs to be added or removed to help visitors complete their purchases more quickly.
    Attract the most qualified customers for the business to your store
    We will make changes to your online store based on the preferences of each potential customer at their stage in the conversion funnel. This way, you will primarily attract those users you want to introduce to your company.

    What do we offer you?

    We know that a thorough study of your website and its users can take more time than you have. For this reason, we offer you a comprehensive service capable of analyzing every variant of your company to enhance all your goals.

    CRO & UX

    Get direct, measurable, and reliable results.

    Marketing Campaign Monitoring

    Use CRO within your marketing strategy.

    Evergreen Operating Model

    The 5 steps to ensure the proper development of your conversion rate optimization are:

    1. Data Collection
    We use heat maps, conversion funnel creation, navigation recordings, tracking, segmentation, among others.

    2. Hypothesis Generation
    Once the information has been collected and analyzed, we proceed to generate hypotheses on outcomes and suggestions for optimization.

    3. Experimentation with A/B Testing
    Optimization suggestions are executed with different options to find the winning content/module.

    4. Analysis of New Results
    The A/B content tests are analyzed, and the winning optimization is confirmed. Also, the previously formulated hypotheses are validated.

    5. Optimization
    The winning optimization is implemented, whether on the website, e-commerce platform, or digital marketing campaign.

    We know you still have questions.

    We'll answer all the questions you have, one by one:

    #1 What if users don't convert into customers and it doesn't work?

    With the definition stage of your conversion funnel, we will gather specific information to determine which product pages need optimization and which products can be added for increased conversion. All the information for each stage will be available to the client so that they can make a purchase decision as quickly as possible. 

    #2 Not achieving the expected results quickly

    With the A/B testing, we will obtain result reports that we will provide to you every 30 days based on which you can optimize your store's pages. This way, we will find out which buttons, combinations of colors, texts, images, and videos work better than others, and we will increase the conversion rate based on what works for the client. 

    #3 That it's a large investment and nothing changes

    Based on clicks on your campaigns and direct interaction with the landing page, we will know which marketing strategies we should use because they work better to achieve a faster ROI.

    #4 That maintaining the improved conversion rate proves difficult

    After implementing our improvements and providing our reports, we offer guided consultancy so that you can keep your site active in the correct manner and continue to have conversions.

    #5 That your store or website ends up looking too basic and simple

    The optimization of web pages is done in pursuit of improving usability, but the design and amount of content will vary based on what works best, maintaining an attractive appearance of the store for users without falling into simplicity.

    What if my clients don't trust a webinar or see it as a waste of time?
    What if there are errors with the playback devices?

    It's easy, we'll help you with that.

    #1 When web pages don't load properly.

    After optimizing the pages of your site, we will conduct speed tests to see how quickly your website delivers content to your visitors.

    #2 Not finding what you're looking for in your store easily and wasting time.

    An analysis of the user experience (UX) will be conducted to optimize the design according to their browsing and purchasing behaviors.

    #3 Not understanding what steps to follow to complete the purchase.

    For a better conversion rate, your web store will provide instructions and guides that offer quick and easy solutions for your users on their path to conversion.

    #4 Completing a form and then receiving spam.

    With our form analysis, we will modify existing ones by providing only relevant information for the user. Additionally, email marketing campaigns will be created according to what the customer requests when completing their registration.

    #5 Clicking on advertisements and encountering content that does not match what was advertised.

    We will ensure that the marketing campaigns of your company are aligned with the content of the store. Additionally, we will conduct an analysis of past user behaviors to understand what information they seek and utilize surveys to obtain real insights from your users.

    Know the characteristics and functions of CRO.

    Tracking Goals and Conversion Measurement

    Tracking traffic and specific actions
    We will conduct thorough monitoring of your users' behaviors in your store. Then, by tracking these actions, we will understand how they behave, what they are looking for, and how they do it, to truly understand them and offer what they genuinely need.
    Analysis of reports
    We will analyze the reports with all the information regarding your objectives and your traffic so that you can make the changes you deem necessary.
    Detailed report of objectives
    This report aims to detail the objectives that your website or store has in order to determine later whether they were achieved through optimization. These objectives may include more sales, more filled forms, or more emails in subscription lists, among others.
    Analysis of the conversion funnel
    We will take your conversion funnel and analyze the most important conversion segments of your website to enhance them and provide the best service for your store.


    Identifies what distracts users
    Through our heatmaps, we will track where users click or touch on your website, or how far down the page users scroll in search of information. This way, we will know what changes in images, text, or positions and color of links we should make to match what your user expects.
    Link validation
    To improve the user experience, heatmaps for URLs and specific pages will let us know if the links where users click actually work or if they need optimization.
    Usable on any device
    Heatmaps can be used on desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices alike to cover different interaction platforms.

    Visitor recordings

    We identify where users get confused
    Through session recordings of visitors in your store, we will gather information on how they navigate, when they get distracted or lost, in order to address these issues and prevent them from recurring.
    Session recording reports
    Our session recording reports will provide data on the duration of page visits, time spent on each section, visit resolution, device information, and location, among other things.
    Segment application
    If you want to gather more information about your visitors, we can apply various segments that will filter the recorded sessions of a specific target group.
    Playback of a recorded session
    It's possible to watch a recorded session carefully to analyze in depth mouse movements, clicks, or scrolling on the pages.
    Session recording tracking
    Sessions will be recorded automatically, and the data will start to reflect soon after the changes are applied.

    Search tracking

    Site search insight
    We will track how people use the internal search engine of your website to understand how and what they search for, and on which pages they prefer to use it.
    Keyword report
    We will obtain information about which keywords are being used, which ones did not yield the desired results, and how they can be improved.
    JavaScript function tracksitesearch or URL parameters
    To track internal search keywords easily, we specify the name of the URL parameter that will contain the search keyword. Otherwise, to track the search results count, we use the JavaScript function.
    Detailed reports
    We will provide you with reports on the data obtained through tracking to understand what improvements can be made in the future.

    Search tracking

    User Identification

    User data collection by device
    Connects data from a specific user collected across multiple devices and multiple browsers. We will know how they enter your page, which IDs they use, and each time they log out and open a new session.
    Traffic segmentation to display a particular user
    We will use custom segments to display all actions performed over time by a particular user on your website at once.
    Report of all user identifiers
    We will generate a report based on the following metrics: visits, unique visitors, users, actions, actions per visit, average time on site, bounce rate, and conversion rate, among others.

    Site Speed Analysis

    Automatic tracking
    We will study the speed at which your website delivers content to your visitors.
    Comparison of loading times and optimization for faster speed
    The tools we use store the generation time for each action performed by a visitor and can compare the performance of your website today with past performance. Additionally, we will be able to identify the loading differences among different pages within your website.
    Data report
    For each of your web pages, we will receive a detailed report on which features are causing your website not to load as quickly as expected, allowing us to address the issues accordingly.

    Site Speed Analysis

    Form Analysis

    Detailed reports on each form of the site
    Each report will contain data on the time it takes for the user to complete your forms, which fields are left incomplete, and at what point they decide to abandon it, among other details.
    Form optimization
    For successful conversion, we will test different combinations of forms by adding or removing unnecessary fields.

    Customer Funnel

    Creating a customer funnel tailored to your company
    We will design a conversion funnel specifically tailored to your company's goals and segmentation. Each stage will have its own strategies within the execution of your website to encompass all users who could potentially become customers, as well as those who have already made a purchase and we want to bring back.
    Funnel summary: Improved goal performance.
    We'll receive reports containing information about each user's behavior in their funnel stage. Our focus is on enhancing the conversion rate based on your company's goals, whether it's increasing sales, more email subscriptions, or more completed forms.
    Visitor registration
    We will have information about all visitors who have entered your site according to their specific stage of the funnel. We identify actions and bounces on your website for each stage, to understand when your users left. In this regard, our report will inform us about when your visitors entered your funnel, where they exited, and how many progressed to the next step.

    Customer Funnel

    Visitor Map

    Reports on worldwide traffic
    For a deeper investigation, our visitor map will provide data on users accessing your website worldwide, including information by country, city, or region.

    E-commerce tracking

    E-commerce reports and indicators
    Our reports will depict the current state of your e-commerce; all information regarding orders, revenue, conversion rate, average order value (AOV), and so forth. You'll have insights into top-performing product SKUs, categories, and product names. Furthermore, it will track all visits containing an e-commerce order so you can visualize your customers' click path, and sales will be analyzed based on marketing channels (by country, by device, number of days before customer purchases, number of visits before purchasing, among others).
    E-commerce data tracking
    To guide your electronic campaigns effectively, we'll track data related to products, various store categories, cart activity, and revenue: visits, orders, and abandonments.
    Selection of metrics for the report
    The metrics we use for our report include: e-commerce orders, average order value, total revenue, e-commerce conversion rate, e-commerce revenue per visit, products purchased, and metrics for abandoned carts (visits with abandoned carts or remaining revenue in carts).
    E-commerce activity log
    We will record sales by channel, by country, city, or region, as well as the historical performance of each purchase (past behaviors of your customers).

    E-commerce trackingmerce

    Campaign Tracking

    URL parameters
    Visitors who open your email and click on the campaign link will be automatically directed to your landing page. Tracking will be performed, URL parameters of the first page view will be detected, and it will be credited as a visit.
    Paid Search Ads
    Click tracking will be implemented on your paid advertising campaigns to verify that the click-through URL on your site contains the actual keyword for which you bid.
    Campaign URL Builder
    We ensure that the URLs used in your email newsletter, paid advertisements, or affiliate URLs are correct and lead to the desired destination.
    Campaign tracking parameters
    The parameters we use include campaign name verification and campaign keyword verification.
    Cookies for storing information
    The referral and campaign information will be stored in a first-party cookie for six months.

    Visitor Profile

    Visitor log
    To learn more about the user, we will record information about each visitor to your store and compile it into a detailed report.
    Las características de cada usuario que se registran son: sistema operativo, país, ID de visitante, navegador y resolución de pantalla.
    The characteristics of each user that are recorded include: operating system, country, visitor ID, browser, and screen resolution.
    Summary of behaviors on your website

    This summary is achieved by using the latest 100 visits of a visitor. It records the following:
    - Total time spent by the visitor on your website
    - Total number of visits and page views
    - Total conversions and conversions for each goal
    - Total amount of money the visitor spent on your website
    - Total amount of merchandise the visitor abandoned in their cart on your website
    - Internal search keywords used by the visitor
    - Average amount of time it took your servers to generate a page for the visitor

    Additionally, we can see how many times the visitor searched for a search term by hovering over it, and we'll gather information about the visitor's first and last visit to your site.

    Visitor Profile

    Multimedia Analysis

    Detailed video and audio reports
    We analyze critical metrics, such as when they interacted with your media and how they did so.
    Audience logging and mapping
    We'll find out where your audience is, who they are, and what they did before and after listening to audio or watching a video on your page.
    Video and audio tracking
    We will track how visitors listen to audio and watch videos on your websites.

    Data Labeling

    Change annotations
    To understand what elements worked and what didn't in the past, and what isn't working in the present, we'll conduct comprehensive data annotations with the aim of modifying what doesn't work for the future.
    Information annotation
    We will remain active at all times, monitoring and annotating all the information we gather about campaigns, design, posts, or releases that might work (or that you've tested and haven't worked) on your website.

    Data Labeling

    A/B Testing

    First, we will conduct a user and segment recognition, studying each stage of your funnel. Then, we'll identify your company's objectives and generate hypotheses about what your visitors might be looking for when they enter your website. Based on this knowledge, we will create different variants of the same site to test which one works best for your real or potential customers. The pages may have small changes in elements or be two completely different pages. After a period of time, we will analyze the results of both pages to choose the one that best fits the proposed objectives.
    SEO Tools
    We will use SEO-friendly writing to position your store's results, along with rel="canonical" and 302 redirects instead of 301s, for as long as necessary.
    Analysis of tests on web pages or apps
    A/B testing works for any device, whether mobile or desktop, so we focus on optimizing the design of your website on both platforms until we achieve accurate results according to the company's goals.

    Content tracking

    Informe de nombre de contenido y pieza de contenido
    We will obtain a list of all content names and content pieces along with the metrics: impressions, content interactions, and interaction click-through rate (in %).

    Content tracking


    Analysis of data from the users you want to reach
    Taking into account your company's objective, we will create different segments of users whom we want to gather information from as potential customers of our store. When they enter our site, we'll be able to study them and understand how they behave during their visit.
    Segment selection
    We will segment your users into frequent customers, past customers, bounced visits, mobile visitors, commenting visitors, visitors from the region where your company is located, visitors who stay on your website and do not abandon it, among other variables. The idea is to conduct a thorough analysis of the behavior of each segment.


    Page transition report
    We will have information on the number of page views for a specific page, see what visitors did directly before and after visiting the page in focus, view where users came from and what they did after visiting the page in focus.



    Analysis of custom variables
    We will be able to switch between variables to study your website according to the characteristics of your company and the data we deem relevant to know.
    Event tracking
    We will track the interactions of your visitors with the elements of your page that should lead to a new page or a new action.
    Visitor click map
    With the click map, just like with heatmaps, we'll know the path your users take and where they click in order to gather more information.

    Bonus por Contratarnos

    Además de todos los beneficios que le ofrecen nuestros webinars, le brindamos 7 bonus exclusivos para que garantice y asegure sus resultados:

    #1 Masterclass de ventas con webinars
    Si aún desconoce cómo vender con su webinar, le brindaremos una capacitación exclusiva para que desarrolle y perfeccione la manera de configurar su webinar para generar ventas, tomar pedidos y multiplicar sus clientes. Además le asesoraremos para crear anuncios increíbles de sus productos/servicios para que obtenga mayores ventas de manera consistente y con una perspectiva de calidad; y aprenderá cómo perfeccionar su argumento de venta para transformar a su público objetivo en sus clientes ideales.
    #2 Masterclass de edición exclusiva para webinars
    Este es el curso que necesita para comenzar a editar por sí mismo sus webinars como un profesional. Aprenderá de manera rápida y sencilla a como editar y grabar sus videos marketing, y a realizar una postproducción de calidad sobre los mismos. Es su oportunidad de posicionarse como un experto ante sus usuarios y su competencia, al brindar un webinar de excelencia para todo aquel que asista.
    #3 Aprenda a filmarse como un profesional
    Si el pánico escénico es su obstáculo para producir su video, nuestro curso le brindará una capacitación dedicada y exclusiva para generar un video profesional y de valor, superando tanto a su competencia como a su temor a grabarse. Conocerá y aprenderá de las técnicas y estrategias excepcionales que lo ayudarán a crear y grabar el webinar que usted necesita, controlando sus miedos y evitando errores.
    #4 Master class: cómo integrar profesionalmente los webinars en tu estrategia de marketing
    Se le ofrecerá asesoramiento sobre las estrategias que puede implementar para utilizar su webinar en cada etapa de sus clientes y así multiplicar x3 sus ventas. -Etapa de Reconocimiento: un webinar es una excelente opción para utilizarse como contenido que puede colaborar con originalidad en el reconocimiento y promoción de sus productos/servicios, encontrándonos el usuario como una solución adecuada a su necesidad. -Etapa de Consideración: una vez que su cliente ya lo haya reconocido como una posible solución a su problema, puede realizar acciones para ayudar a su potencial cliente a considerar el producto/servicio que ofrece como la mejor opción para satisfacer su necesidad. Para esto brindará su webinar, con el objetivo de otorgarle a cada usuario contenido de valor e importancia que lo ayudará a decir sobre su compra, colocándose usted por encima de su competencia. -Etapa de Decisión: en este momento, el factor determinante de la decisión de su cliente es el valor o beneficio agregado que puede otorgarle. Se utilizan estrategias de promociones y contenidos exclusivos dentro del webinar, ofertas limitadas, novedades, entre otras acciones que llevan a qualificar una mayor cantidad de leads. -Etapa de Post venta: se realizarán tácticas para retener los actuales clientes para que continúen comprando e interactuando con la marca. Por ejemplo, se puede ofrecer mediante el webinar una participación especial de los clientes, permitiéndoles por ejemplo coparticipar en el mismo, mejorando la fidelización con cada uno. Puede además invitar a celebrities o profesionales que recomienden el producto/servicio, logrando una perspectiva de valor excepcional de nuestro trabajo en los usuarios.
    #5 Grupo Exclusivo de Facebook
    Un grupo único y exclusivo en Facebook donde le compartiremos las novedades y tendencias especiales de marketing para perfeccionar su estrategia de venta. Además, es su oportunidad de encontrarse y recibir herramientas únicas en el mercado para llevar su marca y sus ventas a otro nivel.
    #6 Sus clientes al instante
    Le brindaremos la posibilidad de obtener 200 clientes potenciales para ofrecerles el servicio. ¿Cómo funciona? Nosotros nos encargaremos de enviarle diversos contactos de su interés que iremos seleccionando, analizando las posibilidades que tiene estos usuarios de convertirse en sus clientes.
    #7 Special Bonus:
    Edición de su primer webinar
    ¡Único en el mercado! Editaremos junto con usted su primer webinar para que sus ventas exploten. Nos encargaremos de ir paso a paso para crear el webinar que más desea para presentar sus productos o servicios como nunca antes se ha visto. ¡Ya es hora de comenzar!

    Our Plans

    We show you the different options we have according to your needs. If you feel you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.



    • Advanced Plan

      $199/ for 3 months

      or $590 one-time

      Goal Planning
      Conversion Funnels
      Form Tagging
      Marketing Campaign Tagging
      A/B Testing Creation
      Monthly Report
      Pro Plan

      $249/ for 3 months

      or $745 one-time

      Goal Planning
      Conversion Funnels
      Form Tagging
      Marketing Campaign Tagging
      Session Recording
      A/B Testing Creation
      Monthly Report
      Elite Plan

      $265/ for 3 months

      or $790 one-time

      Goal Planning
      Conversion Funnels
      Form Tagging
      Marketing Campaign Tagging
      Session Recording
      A/B Testing Creation
      ROI Management and Optimization
      Monthly Report
    • Advanced Plan

      $359/ monthly

      Up to 100,000 interactions

      Goal Optimization
      Funnel Optimization
      Form Optimization
      Marketing Campaign Optimization Suggestions
      Session Reporting
      Heatmap Reporting
      A/B Testing Optimization
      ROI Management and Optimization
      Pro Plan

      $499/ monthly

      Up to 300,000 interactions

      Goal Optimization
      Funnel Optimization
      Form Optimization
      Marketing Campaign Optimization Suggestions
      Session Reporting
      Heatmap Reporting
      A/B Testing Optimization
      ROI Management and Optimization
      Elite Plan

      $699/ monthly

      Up to 1 Million interactions

      Goal Optimization
      Funnel Optimization
      Form Optimization
      Marketing Campaign Optimization Suggestions
      Session Reporting
      Heatmap Reporting
      A/B Testing Optimization
      ROI Management and Optimization

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have doubts? Check out our FAQ about CRO below.

    Can a CRO strategy be implemented with different conversion objectives?

    Yes, the objectives can be both purchasing a product, completing forms, subscribing to the mailing list, or adding items to the cart. Depending on the stage of the funnel the customer is in, a strategy can be created with different objectives.

    How long will it take to see results?

    You can start gathering information as early as the first week, but for reasonable conclusions, we'll provide a report every 30 days.

    How do you calculate the conversion rate percentage?

    To calculate the percentage, we use the number of visitors to your landing page or store and the number of those who take action or convert. If you have 10,000 visitors and 500 take action, your conversion rate is 500/10000, or 5 percent.

    Is it advisable to optimize and test all the pages of my website?

    Not always. Based on our analysis, we will select the pages that are most beneficial to optimize according to the characteristics of your company and the products and/or services it offers.

    How are the winning variations chosen in A/B tests?

    The most successful variations are determined according to the metrics we plan in advance. These will be programmed based on the company's objectives (goal conversions, revenue objectives, e-commerce orders, etc.). Based on these parameters, we will receive reports on which we will base our decisions to deem a site test successful or unsuccessful, and then optimize the one that attracted the most positive results.

    Does CRO work for any industry?

    Certainly! CRO adapts to the goals of your company. Whether it's optimizing a store or a website, the industry of your business will only change the strategies and segmentation of the sales funnel, but our service applies in the same way.

    What is considered a good conversion rate?

    Generally, a good conversion rate falls between 2% and 5%, although it varies depending on the goals of the page and also the device on which it is viewed.

    What is the difference between CRO and UX?

    While both techniques overlap, we can say that CRO is the process of refining and improving your existing website through A/B testing and ongoing optimization focused on your business goals. UX is the process of planning and researching the best way to make a single significant change, usually in the course of building a new website (and generally more focused on client goals).

    Nevertheless, our analysis also includes UX modifications.