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Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your business or enterprise and start making much more informed decisions

Avoid the failure of your commercial strategies with an internal and external audit that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your business to optimize them in the short, medium, and long term.

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Increase your profits by three times. Better optimizations on business processes. Real results on the current situation of commerce.

    Why do you think you need the audit service?
    Better optimizations on business processesReal results on the current situation of the commerce or entrepreneurshipStrategic contingency plans for the action planDetailed knowledge of the organization's accounting performanceIncrease future profitsDiscover irregularities in front of your target audience and communication strategiesKnow your main strengths and weaknessesKnow the competitionAccurate establishment of organization's goals and missionDetect possible future problems and obtain possible solutionsCreation of more accurate sales and communication objectives

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    Why do I need auditing services for my business?

    Conducting both internal and external audits is akin to undergoing a medical examination. Everything that is failing and everything that can be enhanced will become clear and visible to all participants, enabling improvements in the short, medium, and long term. Utilizing the findings from an audit will provide you with the opportunity to make much more informed decisions. Discover why:


    They do it due to:
    - Need for innovation
    - Not achieving objectives
    - Entry of competitors
    - Decline in sales
    - Changes in consumer habits
    - Optimization of marketing expenses
    - Growth below the industry average


    of uncertainties regarding marketing actions are resolved through auditing la auditoría


    savings in advertising investment

    11 Reasons to Use Audit Services:

    Best optimizations for business processes
    Our audit service will help you know the current processes of your organization globally and, based on our analysis reports, you will be able to make more accurate decisions to make relevant and pertinent modifications.
    Real results on the current situation of commerce or entrepreneurship
    The main benefit of an audit is to really know the situation of a business, without making assumptions or deceiving oneself. You will have true knowledge about market insertion, positioning against competitors, and financial situation.
    Strategic contingency plans for the action plan
    Every action plan can have points that end up failing, not due to poor planning, but due to unforeseen future external events, for example. Our goal is to provide you with the ability to anticipate and apply contingency plans for any eventuality, eliminating the most frequent threats.
    Detailed knowledge of the organization's accounting performance
    With an economic analysis, we will establish forecasts and important points about the profitability of the action plan and the expected results in the long term.
    Increase future profits
    By knowing the current weaknesses and errors of the business or commerce, you will be able to implement more accurate strategies and solutions that will later serve to increase profits and decrease final losses.
    Discover irregularities in front of your target audience and your communication strategies
    We will help you to know more in-depth about your target and understand how they think to offer more appropriate content that captivates them with the correct communication and marketing strategies.
    Know your main strengths and weaknesses.
    With a SWOT analysis, you will be able to identify the main strengths and weaknesses of your organization currently to understand how to leverage all your strengths and opportunities and how to eliminate threats, while transforming and enhancing weaknesses.
    Getting to know the competition
    We will conduct a brief and concise analysis of your current business competition, how it fits into the market and what sets it apart to understand how to develop a more focused action plan based on your own differentiations and strengths.
    Precise establishment of organization's goals and mission
    The mission of a business is the most important thing it has to offer to the world; it is its introduction, what it does. We will help you establish a clear mission that aligns with the organization's primary reason for existence, and we will set the objectives that must be achieved to uphold that mission.
    Detecting potential future problems and obtaining possible solutions
    We will provide you with some recommendations to help you identify future problems and determine the best way to resolve them without having to incur debt or implement drastic solutions.
    Creation of more accurate sales and communication objectives
    By understanding the market in which your brand operates and the most specific target audience, we will be able to create more accurate sales and marketing strategies to promote the product or service you offer without unnecessary expenses.

    What do we offer you?

    We know that starting a new venture or moving forward with a business can often seem daunting; many give up solely out of fear of failure. Having an action plan can be the salvation if you know how to implement it and have quick solutions for everything that can go wrong. That's why we offer you a specialized auditing service in both internal and external processes so that, from now on, all your strategies are the most accurate ones.

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    Development Process

    The 5 steps to conduct an audit are:

    1. Situation Analysis
    We will analyze the current situation of the business or venture within the market, internally, its products or services, in terms of its competition, and more.

    2. Mission and Objectives Setting
    We will establish specific objectives and the mission of the business in the short, medium, and long term.

    3. Marketing Strategy
    We will plan the marketing strategy according to each area of the business and how we will implement it.

    4. Economic Estimates
    We will lay the groundwork for what we want to work on economically, such as how much is planned to be obtained per year, selling prices, etc.

    5. Action Plan
    We will set the foundations of the action plan and possible contingencies with their solutions to launch the plan more effectively.

    Are you worried that the audit will cause your business to fail?

    An audit will highlight both the good and the bad, do not deprive yourself of its knowledge.

    #1 Finding more errors than solutions

    An audit exists to identify errors in time before they become a point of failure. Knowing what things need optimization will be much better to be able to take action and resolve them before they turn into something worse.

    #2 That it might be costly

    Our audit service is conducted only once, and the benefits it provides will focus on enabling an optimization that leads to generating more profits than losses. Don't miss out on all the improvements you can make out of fear.

    #3 That the proposed solutions cannot be applied

    Our solutions will be based on the analysis results obtained and in relation to the qualities of your organization. We will not provide solutions that are not suitable for implementation in the short, medium, or long term.

    #4 That an audit may not be useful for a small business

    Audits are useful for all types of projects, whether they are startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), businesses, or large corporations. The processes to analyze are almost always similar, what changes are the results according to the industry, the market, and the decisions to be made in each case.

    #5 Not having all the information that Crawpic requires for the audit

    We will conduct our analysis based on the information currently available. In the event that additional information is absolutely necessary, depending on the case, we can either assist in obtaining it or we will provide detailed guidance on how to obtain it easily so that it can be provided for the service.

    Learn about the functions and characteristics of our audits.

    Analysis of the situation

    Company, brand, and position
    We will summarize concisely and clearly the current situation of the venture/business and its position in the market; its years of existence and the main achievements, the offer of the product or service of the organization, its position in the market, and its weak and strong points.
    The competition
    We will summarize the situation of the competition in the market and the keys of the competition. We will discover who the most significant competitors are, their weak and strong points, their positioning, and their distinctions.
    SWOT Analysis
    We will conduct an analysis of the main weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities of your business or venture to understand the current situation, what can be improved, and what is not being leveraged.
    Keys to success
    We will establish the key points for the success of the action plan, taking into account the sales success and the economic success.
    The market
    We will summarize the definition of the target audience and the main targets.

    Regarding market characteristics, we will focus on geographical factors (influence areas or total estimated market) and demographic factors (main customer characteristics, such as age, gender, socioeconomic level, consumption behaviors, psychographic characteristics, and more).

    Based on market needs, we will analyze main characteristics such as prices, service, accessibility, distinction, etc.

    We will search for information about market trends and where we believe they are heading, taking into account evolution and changing processes (quantitative and qualitative estimates).
    We will conduct a brief analysis of the brand's and products or services' positioning in the market, as well as their market constraints.

    Regarding the brand, we will evaluate its level of awareness in the market, differentiating points, and constraints.

    Regarding the product, we will define the "core business" and its weak and strong points, differentiators, and constraints.

    We will identify the critical points that need to be addressed before taking action and those external factors that may impact future results.

    Mission and objectives

    We will focus on finding the objectives for different situations of the company.

    For the marketing objectives, we will define them by emphasizing the expected concrete results, both in the short, medium, and long term.

    For the economic objectives, we will specifically define what they are (more sales, more revenue, higher profit margins, etc.), both in the short, medium, or long term.
    We will set the mission of your venture: What do you want it to be now? It should be a challenge or a difficult yet achievable goal. It is a summary of how far the business aims to go in the future, its ultimate objective.

    Mission and objectives

    Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Mix
    We will provide a brief definition of your product, price, promotion, and distribution policies.

    Regarding the product and service policy, we will summarize the essential points and strive to establish the main objectives for the future, such as new line developments, assumptions, or modifications. Additionally, we will emphasize a customer-centric approach to understand how to communicate potential modifications and how they would benefit the customer.

    For the pricing, discounts, and terms policies, we will define what they are and what the ultimate net selling price objective is.

    In the distribution policy, we will select the channels through which your products or services will be distributed, particularly considering the characteristics and industry of your business.

    For the promotion policy, we will outline the main marketing strategies for your business or venture.
    Market Research
    We will summarize the action plans related to market research and the developments in this area.
    Great strategic lines
    We will summarize the major strategic lines and the key points on which the marketing strategy will be based.

    We will identify the main differentiators, the characteristic branding of the brand, and the primary positioning value of the organization and its products or services.

    Additionally, we will provide a clear definition of the idea you want to position in the minds of consumers in the medium term. What do you want them to remember when they think of your brand?

    Considering this will also help us think about the benefits the customer will receive from your business/venture when consuming one of your products or services. Based on this, you can then create more relevant sales and communication objectives.

    Regarding the product strategy, we will focus on defining the key points on which all actions will be based, from launch to development and renewal.

    For the customer strategy, we will devise a loyalty strategy to retain current customers or contacts and encourage them to recommend your company after completing a purchase.

    For the launch strategy, we will think about how to make your product or service known and relevant from the start, with communication strategies and presentation events that provide visibility even before it is launched.

    For the development strategy, we will establish some concrete and credible medium- to long-term objectives, taking into account expansion into other areas, opening new branches, and more.

    Economic estimations

    Sales forecast
    We will conduct a brief analysis of the expected sales over the next several years, highlighting the most important points.
    Break-even Point
    We will summarize the break-even point conclusions according to the organization's objectives.
    Expected results
    We will provide a brief summary of the expected results over 5 years.

    Economic estimations

    Key points
    Control: We will summarize the key points of the plan to be monitored and how it will be done.

    Organization: We will define the responsibilities of each area and how communication will be between participants.

    Implementation: We will establish the key points of plan implementation, including the timeline and those responsible.
    Contingency plan
    Resumiremos los riesgos y potenciales dificultades con una solución o actuación a seguir para cada caso.
    First exercise of the marketing plan
    We will create a detailed outline of the first exercise to have a foundation on which to act at the beginning of your plan.

    Our Plans

    We show you the different options we have according to your needs. If you feel you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.

    Advanced Plan

    $4,670/ for 3 months

    or $13,290 one-time

    Current Company Situation
    The Market
    SWOT Analysis
    Positioning, Mission, and Vision
    Marketing Objectives and Policies
    Marketing Mix
    Results Forecast
    Summary and Conclusions
    Pro Plan

    $4,990/ for 3 months

    or $14,220 one-time

    Current Company Situation
    The Market
    SWOT Analysis
    Positioning, Mission, and Vision
    Marketing Objectives and Policies
    Sales Plan
    Marketing Mix
    Results Forecast
    Summary and Conclusions
    Elite Plan

    $5,345/ for 3 months

    or $15,230 one-time

    Current Company Situation
    The Market
    SWOT Analysis
    Positioning, Mission, and Vision
    Marketing Objectives and Policies
    Sales Plan
    Marketing Mix
    Production and Purchasing
    Results Forecast
    Summary and Conclusions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have doubts? Check out our FAQ about Audit Service below.

    Why is an audit necessary?

    An audit is necessary to understand the main strengths and weaknesses of a brand, company, or venture, to know how to use them to its advantage and enhance available opportunities. Additionally, it is useful to identify what aspects are failing in internal processes and financing, and from there, to be able to solve them with new strategies and different perspectives.

    Is it legal to conduct an audit?

    Of course! Usually, what is illegal is not to carry them out periodically, as many times a demonstration of audits is required to present to the authorities.

    ¿Does the Audit serve for any industry?

    Certainly! Each audit is tailored to the objectives of your company. Whether it's due to:
    - Need for innovation
    - Not reaching goals
    - Entry of competitors
    - Decrease in sales
    - Changes in consumer habits
    - Optimization of marketing expenses
    - Growth below the industry average

    Is the service paid for only once?

    The audit is paid for only once! Afterwards, if you wish, we can provide quarterly maintenance to review the proposed suggestions as well.

    How long does it take to deliver the final Audit report?

    Crawpic commits to delivering the final report within a maximum of 4 months, excluding business days in which Crawpic relies on the delivery of materials from the client, such as relevant information for each stage.

    Additionally, business days will be discounted if the human resources provided by the client do not attend the sessions. Ideally, the management time will be carried out within a total period of three months and three weeks.

    What happens if the time is extended due to lack of information?

    In case the project extends to 5 months or more due to lack of information and/or cooperation from the client, you must continue paying the remaining balance and wait for Crawpic's time to proceed.

    What resources are needed from the company to work?

    To start the audit, the company is required to provide certain information about its organization, as well as time for interviews and surveys, availability of personnel, availability of physical space (if it has one), and availability of schedules to work outside of regular hours for some hours, materials to organize the work, and a reference coordinator to consult eventualities.

    What happens if there is a delay in payment?

    If there is a delay in payment of the remaining balance by 30 days, an additional 4% must be paid on the outstanding installment. If the delay exceeds 60 days from approval, the additional payment is 10% on the outstanding installment.