Increase your customers' purchases by expanding your business globally with an E-commerce.

Provide a complete catalog of your company's stock and position your brand on search engines by attracting new customers and retaining current ones with an E-commerce store for your business.

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    Why do I need an Ecommerce?

    The new challenge for companies is to adapt to the new needs of their customers. Statistically, 90% of adult customers have made an online purchase at some point, and 50% have done so in the last 6 months. Thus, this growth strategy is one of the most profitable for current companies, and one that cannot be overlooked for customer attraction.

    how implementing an online store will help you multiply traffic and sales:


    Of internet users worldwide have made online purchases.


    purchase products through smartphones and tablets.


    Of the companies that sell products and services have their ecommerce.

    9 Reasons to Use an Ecommerce

    Increase your sales.
    An ecommerce service will expand the company's sales channels, reaching a larger audience regardless of the device they are using. Creating an online store enables secure sales without intermediaries, commissions, or concerns about restricted days or hours, making sales a reliable outcome of this service.
    Manage your Mercado Libre products directly from your ecommerce platform.
    To ensure seamless integration across all your sales channels and streamline your inventory management, we can establish an automatic connection between your existing Mercado Libre sales profile and your ecommerce platform. This will preserve user data and expedite configuration processes.
    Expand geographically.
    One of the best qualities of ecommerce is reaching sales to other cities or countries around the world without the need for high service costs other than shipping. Your store will be available 24/7 with quick responses in standard languages for any user inquiries worldwide.
    Maintaining contact with your consumers to build brand loyalty.
    With automated email campaigns and newsletters, you can maintain a more personalized relationship with your current customers. You can send welcome messages, birthday greetings, updates on new registrations, and purchase information that encourages them to return to your brand. Additionally, exclusive content through newsletters, event announcements, product launches, and irresistible offers can keep them engaged and coming back for more.
    Increase the number of customers.
    An ecommerce will have the power to attract new customers through referral systems, retain current customers by increasing their purchase frequency, and reach those customers who are looking for a company to meet their needs but may not know which one. An attractive design and an extraordinary experience will be key to growing your customer database faster than ever before.
    To cater to your wholesale customers in a special manner.
    We understand that selling products or services to wholesale consumers is an essential part of your business. That's why we'll create a special access for those who require wholesale purchases, offering exclusive prices and more suitable payment methods.
    Establish the delivery and payment methods that most favor you.
    The ability to provide payment and shipping methods that benefit your company will be an advantage for both you and your customers. The more methods you cover, the more competitive advantages you'll have.
    Getting feedback from customers.
    Through surveys or polls, we can determine what your users expect, gather feedback on the product from those who have already purchased it, and identify ways to enhance their ecommerce experience in the future.
    Having an ecommerce platform for your brand with all your products and services.
    One of the greatest advantages of ecommerce is the ability to showcase all of a company's stock regardless of whether it's physically available, as it should be in a brick-and-mortar store. Your products or services will be available for users to inquire about, and only then will you need to take action to acquire stock if it's not currently available.

    What do we offer you?

    With the advent of new technologies and the increasingly limited time of the consumer, sales methods have begun to adapt to the new landscape. So much so, that e-commerce has achieved expansion with a growth rate exceeding 60%.

    Discover how we can ensure that your ecommerce reflects all the values of your company without falling behind in the market:


    Get direct, measurable, and reliable results.


    Use Ecommerce within your marketing strategy.


    Carry out unique actions with our cutting-edge technology.
    Screenshot 2022-12-31 at 6.26.05 pm

    Evergreen Operating Model

    The 9 steps to create an ecommerce that boosts your company's conversions are:

    1. Competitive Website Analysis (2 business days)
    We analyze direct and indirect competitor websites, identifying key aesthetic and functional features.

    2. Navigation Definition (3 business days)
    We plan how the website will be navigated through a site map. This step is important to ensure that users do not get confused while navigating the page.

    3. Functionality Definition (2 business days)
    Once we know the content that will go on the page, we will focus on thinking about what functionalities each section entails, such as contact forms, self-administration, how to upload blog articles, and much more.

    4. Layout Creation (7 business days)
    In this stage, the color palette, typography, logo placement, and design of each section are defined. Once designed, it is sent for approval.

    5. Code Implementation (10 business days)
    Once approved, the layouts are sent to the programmers to begin the adaptation to code. The development is divided into two stages: Frontend stage, where the visible part of the page is developed; Backend stage, where the functional part of the page is developed.

    6. Content Implementation (3 to 8 business days)
    Content implementation involves inputting all the texts and graphics provided by the company into the website.

    7. Product Implementation (5 business days)
    Product implementation involves entering all the products into the e-commerce platform and connecting it with MercadoLibre (optional).

    8. Site Testing (1 business day)
    The website is thoroughly tested to detect any anomalies. Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and remarketing are also tested during this phase.

    9. Promotion Banners (5 business days)
    To inform customers about ongoing offers on your ecommerce platform and keep them engaged, we will develop 10 different editable banners. These banners can be modified according to the planned promotions.

    Are you worried about the consequences of your ecommerce? What if you don't get good results?

    ¡Claro! Adelante, estaré encantado de ayudarte a abordar las dudas de tus clientes.

    #1 The website is slow.

    We have speed analysis tools to calculate the loading speed of your ecommerce site and optimize it for improved performance.

    #2 The website is hard to navigate.

    We will conduct several navigation analyses prior to the launch of the ecommerce site to enhance user experience and create a user-friendly page that is easy to navigate.

    #3 That it is not adapted for mobile phones

    A desktop version and a mobile version will be created according to the needs of each company, to avoid losing customers who browse from their mobile devices (responsive design).

    #4 That it has an unfavorable aesthetic

    The aesthetics of the ecommerce will be tailored to the brand, and innovative design techniques will be used to ensure an attractive and professional ecommerce for your company.

    #5 That it is expensive to maintain

    The maintenance costs of the ecommerce are low, as you only need to pay for our service once, and then only for long-distance shipping costs. The investment in an online store is easily recovered after a few sales, and its maintenance will be quickly covered by attracting new customers.

    #6 That it is difficult to manage

    The control panel for your administration will have a user-friendly design and will be easy to use, so you won't have to worry about unfamiliar technical issues. We will teach you how to use it once our service is completed.

    #7 That it is harmful to the physical store (if you have one)

    A web store will be the engine of your physical store, as it is proven that more than 60% of people research products online before visiting a store. If you offer products and also provide personalized and fast customer service, you will have a guaranteed purchase in your establishment.

    What if it ruins my brand image with the customer shopping experience?

    We demonstrate that there are no possibilities of that happening.

    #1 Difficulty in completing the purchase

    Our goal is to provide the best user experience possible. We want the journey through your online store to be friendly, easy to navigate, and with all the guidance necessary for the user to complete the purchase in a single visit.

    #2 That your ecommerce does not offer home delivery

    You can establish the shipping range before launching your online store and specify it on your website to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings. Nevertheless, shipping to wherever your website reaches can be a feature of your company that enhances the user experience and attracts more customers through referrals.

    #3 Not receiving the valuable and interesting content you were expecting by email

    The newsletters will be specially crafted with content that your target customers expect to find, and they will contain exclusive information that you can offer them. There is no reason why they shouldn't be interested if they have decided to provide their details. 

    #4 That the product is not the same as what was seen in the images

    The images and descriptions of the products in your store must be true to the brand and what they offer. Creating false expectations will be detrimental to your company and will give a bad image in the future.

    #5 That it's not secure

    That it's not secure. One of the main reasons why users still hesitate to buy online is due to the unfamiliarity or lack of trust in using online payment systems. Selling through your ecommerce will provide the necessary security, as it has various data protection systems to back it up.

    Learn about the features and functions of the Ecommerce implementation.

    Research and Development (R&D)

    Implementation parameters
    Depending on your company's objectives, we will collect different types of data to start working on your online store, such as mission and vision, contact information, payment methods you want to use and shipping, promotions, among many others. Our goal is to offer a complete and reliable web store.

    We will also analyze your institutional website, if you have one, to know what to base on when designing your ecommerce and how to keep your brand values intact.
    Competitive analysis
    At this time, we will analyze the competitors' movements, what their stores are like, what sales methods they use, and how their consumers behave. We aim to offer the best possible experience within the market, with the most comprehensive information. We will identify the most important aesthetic and functional characteristics of both direct and indirect competitors.

    The report will be delivered within 2 business days.


    We will create a sitemap to plan how the website will be navigated. This step is important to prevent the user from getting confused while navigating the page, as we will include all the relevant sections, how each will be accessed through the navigation panels, and much more.

    We will use 3 business days for planning.
    Definition of functionalities
    Once we know the content that will go on the page, we will focus on thinking about what functionalities each section entails, such as contact forms, self-management, how to upload blog articles, and more.

    We will use 2 business days for planning.
    At this stage, we will define the color palette, typography, logo placement, and design of each section.

    The design of your platform will be user-friendly yet appealing. We use innovative techniques in the market that will make your site unique, with the ability to be viewed on mobile and desktop devices, the proper functioning of links and landing pages, and an effective purchasing system to complete transactions in a single visit.

    Once designed, we will send the proofs for your approval.

    We will use 7 business days for the design.
    Code Implementation
    Once approved, the layouts are sent to the developers to begin the code adaptation.

    The development is divided into two stages:

    - Frontend Stage: the visible part of the page is developed. - Backend Stage: the functional part of the page is developed.

    We will use 10 business days for programming.
    Content Implementation
    Content implementation involves adding all the texts and graphics provided by the company to the website.

    If you do not have the necessary expertise, we can provide you with a quote for writing exclusive articles as well as sections.

    We will take 3 to 8 business days for delivery.
    Product Implementation
    Product implementation involves adding all the products to the company's ecommerce and, if required, linking it with Mercado Libre.

    The product capacity is unlimited; we can upload more than a thousand products to your catalog.

    We will use 5 business days for delivery.
    Site Testing
    The website is tested from end to end with the goal of detecting any anomalies. Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and remarketing are also tested.

    We will use 1 business day for testing.
    Banners for promotions
    One way to keep the ecommerce platform always attractive is by generating different types of discounts daily. To let people know that these benefits exist, they must be communicated through banners. This is why we will develop 10 different editable banners so that they can be modified according to the planned promotion and published on your website when necessary.

    We will use 5 business days for their creation.
    For the launch of your ecommerce, we can advise you on how to create a communication strategy that prepares users of your institutional website, social media, and other channels for what you are going to offer them.

    You can provide benefits for the first purchases after the launch, such as discounts or 2-for-1 deals, to attract more customers and quickly give visibility to your page from the start.


    Integrations and Navigation

    Connection with Mercado Libre
    If you wish, we can make an automatic synchronization with your Mercado Libre account.

    We will use tools that help us to export and import your product or service listings quickly, easily, and securely. This way, the shopping carts of both platforms will be 100% compatible at all times and completely automatic.

    You will be able to respond to questions and messages that your customers leave on Mercado Libre about your products directly from the ecommerce platform, and manage your stores more efficiently regardless of the number of listings for sale.

    The first step is to create or authorize the link between your Mercado Libre account and your ecommerce, and adjust the settings according to your needs (currency to be published, format of your generic listing template, stock reduction when making purchases from any platform, synchronization notifications, control of automatic synchronization, among many other functions).

    We have connection templates that allow you to modify the fields you need to publish with Mercado Libre in a simple, quick, and secure way (type of sale, type of listing, condition of sale, type of shipping, warranty, sales price adjustment, inventory/stock adjustment, and much more). This way, no matter how many listings you have, we can minimize error margins and enrich your product data, always complying with Mercado Libre's requirements.

    If you already have an ecommerce and wish to start selling with Mercado Libre, we will perform an automatic or manual synchronization so that every change you make from the ecommerce is reflected in Mercado Libre.

    We will synchronize sales, ratings, questions, and answers generated on Mercado Libre with your ecommerce in real time, in addition to automatic post-sale messages when a new sale is achieved. You will be able to follow the entire sales process (questions and answers, collection, shipping, messages, and post-sale ratings) and keep your customers informed at all times.

    This service is adaptable to any product or service you wish to offer, regardless of your company's industry. If you have any limitations, you can write to us at any time, and we will provide the support you need. Once our service is completed, we will teach you how to use this tool so you can modify it on your own in the future.
    Wholesale Module
    Through this module, your wholesale buyers will be able to make larger purchases at a tailored price, through a special access that can be entered from the ecommerce, creating their own account.

    We can help you easily manage wholesale prices for multiple user roles (retailer and wholesaler), with flexible settings adapted to your business model. The percentages can be global, by category, or by individual product.

    Your catalog may contain some "wholesale only" products, and you can hide "retail only" products from wholesalers. If the customer does not have the appropriate wholesale role, they will not see the price. That is, customers must log in to see wholesale prices.

    In addition, your access for wholesalers will comply with the country's tax requirements, while the wholesale buyer will be able to select their preferred shipping methods and choose which payment methods to use.

    All the rules to enforce the wholesale agreements will be established before the wholesale price is available, such as the order subtotal or the minimum number of items to order, both bulk and individual.
    Navigation Filters
    Your ecommerce will be navigable through various filters based on the characteristics of the products or services and their attributes, varying among all the options that seem pertinent according to the product description.
    Quick Response Chats
    We can include quick response chats in your ecommerce to resolve all your customers' questions while they navigate through your page. These are automated chats that respond based on studied keywords and also alert if the user requires a human representative.
    Employee Accounts
    You will be able to create accounts for the company's employees who have access to the ecommerce control panel, where they can modify and create new posts as required.
    Advanced Search Filters
    Users will be able to navigate your page through advanced filters that provide comprehensive results on what they expect to find. Products or services can be found through a single word, even by the product brand, and will be quickly located.

    Service Completion

    We will provide various training sessions so you can understand the operation of the page and the most important tools of the control panel. You will learn how to publish and edit products and categories, whether wholesale or retail, manage orders, create and manage discounts, promotions and customers, and manage content (changing images, banners, static content).

    The training will teach how to handle these tools to develop different strategies in the future.
    Inventory Management
    We will teach you how to manage your company's inventory in an organized and simple way. Thus, you can add your products one by one or import them all massively from an Excel or CSV file.

    You will be able to add product images without worry, as well as write descriptions that include weight, manufacturer, size, color, and much more, that are attractive to the user.

    Service Completion

    Regulation in accordance with PSD2 standards
    This regulation is designed to protect your users' data and prevent their card details from being used for any purpose other than the payment for a product or service. Our goal is for users to feel secure in making online purchases with their credit card, thus increasing sales due to the ease of payment.
    Product tracking
    For better customer service, you can offer virtual tracking of products that reassures your customer that their order is on the way and where it is located. This tool we provide will make your customer feel more comfortable with the shipping service, as it conveys more security, and will prevent them from sending inquiries to the company for answers.
    Order management
    In addition to tracking the order, the customer will also be able to leave personalized order notes in which they write comments and specify options when they pay for items on your e-commerce website, to know if they have any condition that should be aware of.

    Additionally, our fraud detection system will alert you if it detects a suspicious order on your e-commerce website.

    Bonus por Contratarnos

    Además de todos los beneficios que le ofrecen nuestros webinars, le brindamos 7 bonus exclusivos para que garantice y asegure sus resultados:

    #1 Masterclass de ventas con webinars
    Si aún desconoce cómo vender con su webinar, le brindaremos una capacitación exclusiva para que desarrolle y perfeccione la manera de configurar su webinar para generar ventas, tomar pedidos y multiplicar sus clientes. Además le asesoraremos para crear anuncios increíbles de sus productos/servicios para que obtenga mayores ventas de manera consistente y con una perspectiva de calidad; y aprenderá cómo perfeccionar su argumento de venta para transformar a su público objetivo en sus clientes ideales.
    #2 Masterclass de edición exclusiva para webinars
    Este es el curso que necesita para comenzar a editar por sí mismo sus webinars como un profesional. Aprenderá de manera rápida y sencilla a como editar y grabar sus videos marketing, y a realizar una postproducción de calidad sobre los mismos. Es su oportunidad de posicionarse como un experto ante sus usuarios y su competencia, al brindar un webinar de excelencia para todo aquel que asista.
    #3 Aprenda a filmarse como un profesional
    Si el pánico escénico es su obstáculo para producir su video, nuestro curso le brindará una capacitación dedicada y exclusiva para generar un video profesional y de valor, superando tanto a su competencia como a su temor a grabarse. Conocerá y aprenderá de las técnicas y estrategias excepcionales que lo ayudarán a crear y grabar el webinar que usted necesita, controlando sus miedos y evitando errores.
    #4 Master class: cómo integrar profesionalmente los webinars en tu estrategia de marketing
    Se le ofrecerá asesoramiento sobre las estrategias que puede implementar para utilizar su webinar en cada etapa de sus clientes y así multiplicar x3 sus ventas. -Etapa de Reconocimiento: un webinar es una excelente opción para utilizarse como contenido que puede colaborar con originalidad en el reconocimiento y promoción de sus productos/servicios, encontrándonos el usuario como una solución adecuada a su necesidad. -Etapa de Consideración: una vez que su cliente ya lo haya reconocido como una posible solución a su problema, puede realizar acciones para ayudar a su potencial cliente a considerar el producto/servicio que ofrece como la mejor opción para satisfacer su necesidad. Para esto brindará su webinar, con el objetivo de otorgarle a cada usuario contenido de valor e importancia que lo ayudará a decir sobre su compra, colocándose usted por encima de su competencia. -Etapa de Decisión: en este momento, el factor determinante de la decisión de su cliente es el valor o beneficio agregado que puede otorgarle. Se utilizan estrategias de promociones y contenidos exclusivos dentro del webinar, ofertas limitadas, novedades, entre otras acciones que llevan a qualificar una mayor cantidad de leads. -Etapa de Post venta: se realizarán tácticas para retener los actuales clientes para que continúen comprando e interactuando con la marca. Por ejemplo, se puede ofrecer mediante el webinar una participación especial de los clientes, permitiéndoles por ejemplo coparticipar en el mismo, mejorando la fidelización con cada uno. Puede además invitar a celebrities o profesionales que recomienden el producto/servicio, logrando una perspectiva de valor excepcional de nuestro trabajo en los usuarios.
    #5 Grupo Exclusivo de Facebook
    Un grupo único y exclusivo en Facebook donde le compartiremos las novedades y tendencias especiales de marketing para perfeccionar su estrategia de venta. Además, es su oportunidad de encontrarse y recibir herramientas únicas en el mercado para llevar su marca y sus ventas a otro nivel.
    #6 Sus clientes al instante
    Le brindaremos la posibilidad de obtener 200 clientes potenciales para ofrecerles el servicio. ¿Cómo funciona? Nosotros nos encargaremos de enviarle diversos contactos de su interés que iremos seleccionando, analizando las posibilidades que tiene estos usuarios de convertirse en sus clientes.
    #7 Special Bonus:
    Edición de su primer webinar
    ¡Único en el mercado! Editaremos junto con usted su primer webinar para que sus ventas exploten. Nos encargaremos de ir paso a paso para crear el webinar que más desea para presentar sus productos o servicios como nunca antes se ha visto. ¡Ya es hora de comenzar!

    Our Plans

    We show you the different options we have according to your needs. If you think you need a call before making a decision, click on the WhatsApp icon or fill out the form to request a meeting.

    For 6 months


    • Advanced Plan

      $915/ for 6 months

      For Entrepreneurs

      Rapid Extra Charging
      Products: Up to 500
      Mobile Device Adaptation
      Integration with Mercado Pago/PayU/Paypal/Decidir
      Smart Search
      Importation and Mass Editing of Products and Users
      Discount Management ($, %, Units)
      Pro Plan

      $1449/ for 6 months

      For Businesses

      Rapid Extra Charging
      Products: Up to 1,000
      Mobile Device Adaptation
      Integration with Mercado Pago/PayU/Paypal/Decidir
      Smart Search
      Importation and Mass Editing of Products and Users
      Discount Management ($, %, Units)
      Product Integration on Facebook
      Elite Plan

      $1750/ for 6 months

      For Businesses

      Rapid Extra Charging
      Products: Up to 2,000
      Mobile Device Adaptation
      Integration with Mercado Pago/PayU/Paypal/Decidir
      Smart Search
      Importation and Mass Editing of Products and Users
      Extended Product Page
      Discount Management ($, %, Units)
      Online Chat or Whatsapp
      Product Integration on Facebook
      Integration with Logistics System
      Integration with Amazon, Mercadolibre or Ebay
    • Advanced Plan

      $4,999/ One-time

      For Entrepreneurs

      Rapid Extra Charging
      Products: Up to 500
      Mobile Device Adaptation
      Integration with Mercado Pago/PayU/Paypal/Decidir
      Smart Search
      Importation and Mass Editing of Products and Users
      Discount Management ($, %, Units)
      Pro Plan

      $7,999/ One-time

      For Businesses

      Rapid Extra Charging
      Products: Up to 1,000
      Mobile Device Adaptation
      Integration with Mercado Pago/PayU/Paypal/Decidir
      Smart Search
      Importation and Mass Editing of Products and Users
      Discount Management ($, %, Units)
      Product Integration on Facebook
      Elite Plan

      $9,999/ One-time

      For Businesses

      Rapid Extra Charging
      Products: Up to 2,000
      Mobile Device Adaptation
      Integration with Mercado Pago/PayU/Paypal/Decidir
      Smart Search
      Importation and Mass Editing of Products and Users
      Extended Product Page
      Discount Management ($, %, Units)
      Chat Online or Whatsapp
      Product Integration on Facebook
      Logistics System Integration
      Integration with Amazon, Mercadolibre or Ebay

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ about Ecommerce below.

    What is the difference between ecommerce and a company's website?

    A website features a more one-way type of communication, including the company's history, its values, and product offerings sections. In contrast, an ecommerce typically prioritizes interaction with users, thereby optimizing communication with current and potential customers while offering a very user-friendly complete online catalog and superior customer service.

    Is it necessary to have a WhatsApp Business account?

    No, you can link your company's ecommerce to your personal WhatsApp, although it's recommended to create a business account to avoid communication issues or mistakes in chat responses. Additionally, a WhatsApp Business account can set up automatic reply messages based on your customer service preferences.

    Is there another way to communicate in real-time other than WhatsApp?

    Yes, we can offer our ChatBot service for automated live communication that is tailored to different user queries through the keywords they use. You can inquire about this service without obligation.

    Can I create an ecommerce with global reach and various payment methods if I am an entrepreneur or small business?

    Of course! Every ecommerce should allow for payments through various methods. It's exactly what any user expects from an online store.

    How many products can be displayed on the platform?

    The platform can support unlimited products: more than a thousand products without any problems. The company's complete catalog can be uploaded.

    In addition to the product name, what types of product description fields can be included?

    Title tag, keyword, meta tag, and product description fields can be included within the filters to help you gain search engine visibility down to the product level. If your product catalog has unique parameters, the system can easily accommodate them.

    What shipping calculation methods can be used to determine shipping costs?

    The shipping options are very flexible. Each shipping option defined by the company has parameters to control flat rate or percentage-based pricing, and may be available for a minimum and/or maximum sales subtotal. Shipping options can also be assigned per product.

    What customer notifications does your system automatically generate?

    Orders placed and shipped are notified.

    Do you offer a wishlist option?

    Yes. Multiple types of wishlists can be used simultaneously.

    Do I have to pay for the hosting provided by Crawpic?

    Our ecommerce service includes free hosting for one year. Afterwards, we can provide a separate quote for maintenance.

    Are dynamic pricing options available for the wholesale module?

    You can choose to set the price of your wholesale products in various ways, and one of those ways is through dynamic pricing using our percentage-based discount category and our global percentage-based discount methods.

    Can wholesale prices be translated?

    Yes, we have integrations with multilingual solutions like WPML, and we work closely to ensure it remains compatible and easy to use. For direct translation, our entire plugin is translatable.

    Can wholesale prices be in other currencies?

    Yes. We have a close integration with the top two multi-currency solutions in the market, allowing your customers to pay in their own currency.

    How are wholesale prices added to products?

    There are several ways to add wholesale prices to products. For example, product-level wholesale pricing, category percentage discount, global percentage discount, user-based overrides for global percentage-based pricing, or quantity-based wholesale pricing.