Australians Teach English

We are a small, dedicated team of professional native English-speaking teachers specially trained and experienced in online teaching. We offer direct contact with teachers and the director of teaching. This way, you can be sure your goals are met, suggestions are listened to, and concerns are addressed. It also ensures that your learning is not interrupted. All teachers are interviewed, and only those with teaching experience are selected to teach for Australians Teach English. We ensure that our teachers have life experience and something more than being English speakers. Teachers are also highly trained and specialized in preparing students for international Cambridge and entrance exams. We have a history of success with IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, and TOEFL exams.

Australians Teach English

Our Support

When Glen (the director of the institute) told us about the challenge of creating their first institutional website, his guidelines were clear: he wanted a simple page that would evoke the Australian environment. After several meetings where he could convey his essence to us, we managed to outline the structure of the site and then design and code it. Since they have students from all over the world, we included the option for it to be readable in several languages. Finally, we took care of the page's loading speed, achieving a load time of 0.7 seconds.

General Goal: to stylize the page with an Australian imprint.
Objective of loading speed: 2 seconds
Research about Australia
Design and Development of institutional website

Results of 2022

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Work Time
45 días
Loading Speed
0,7 segundos
Customer Satisfaction

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