"Sex, a word that encompasses our entire existence, the generator of orgasms, creator of life... It makes us touch the sky while brushing the pleasures of hell."

Throughout our lives, who hasn't attended a specialized learning workshop? They exist in all fields and in the most extensive subjects, from academies of science, humanities, and literature to courses in gastronomy, photography, and languages where often, the money invested isn't returned in learning or practicing the acquired theory. So we ask ourselves: Where do we learn about sex? Not about sex at a medical or anatomical level, but about sex as a pleasurable, routine activity that, even from the most common, wants to boast about knowing everything needed to please their partner. Therefore, taking the words of the world-renowned psychoanalyst Sigmun Freud, "Sexuality surrounds everything I am," I present to you the best gateway to pleasure: THE SEX SCHOOL. Let's learn together!"

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One day we received a call from none other than Celeste Gonzalez, former Play Boy model and current Sex Coach. She told us that she was about to start her "Sex School" and needed an E-commerce platform to sell her products. We decided to accompany her on this project along with her team. The process was fast and fun, and we learned a lot about the industry. Today, it is one of the leading Erotic E-commerce platforms in Argentina. Once launched, we took care of making optimizations to the website to ensure proper performance, as well as creating each commercial campaign within the e-commerce platform along with the design of the corresponding graphic assets.

Development Objective: Up to 2,000 Products
Load Time Goal: 2.5 Seconds
Optimization Goal: 4 Monthly Commercial Campaigns
Ecommerce Development & Maintenance

Results of 2023

We generate measurable results aligned with business objectives.

Products Uploaded
Sales Campaigns Conducted
Loading Time
1,4 Segundos

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